Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb & Free Style Kilowatt Highlighter in Hu$tla Baby - Review and Swatches

Hello Hello!!!

Today we're going to be looking at two Fenty Beauty products!!

The highlighter is very yellow/warm, so I would NOT recommend it for fair/pink undertoned people!! But for my warm yellow light medium skin tone. this highlight is perfection!!

The highlight is SPARKLY. it has visible specks of sparkles on my cheeks, even after I buff and melt it into my skin. So if you DO NOT like sparkly/high shine highlights this would not be for you!!

I personally like these kinds of highlights when I'm out at night time, to really make my skin POP. So I will and do use it quite often!!

The Gloss Bomb is stunning!! It's not sticky or tacky, its medium weight/heaviness, and it really does hydrate your lips!!!

I wore this gloss on a day where it was -31 degrees C, and my lips didn't get burned or chapped from the wind and cold!!

Amount: The "mini" gloss bomb has 5.5ml in it, where the full size is 9ml. so it's over half the amount of the full size!! The mini highlighter is 2.2g!! so pretty small, but you need SO little of it!

Overall: I HIGHLY recommend this mini set, or picking up these in full size!! Very lovely and I'm looking forward to purchasing more from this line!

Friday, 12 January 2018

Where Have I Been? + Tumor Update

Hello friends!! Long time no post, am I right?

one of my last posts, was updating you all on my tumor being back.

Well, today, January 13th is one year since my last surgery for my tumor, and in the spirit of that. I have decided to kick myself in the butt and get back here!

In the next upcoming 2 months, I will be having MAJOR life changing surgery.

I will be having my whole bottom jaw removed, and I will have the tumor riddled parts of my jaw cut off, and replaced with titanium and have my left fibula removed from my leg and have that put into my jaw to replace the cut off parts of my bone.

I will be in the ICU (Intensive care unit) for 2 days, on a trachea (it's a breathing tube that they cut open your throat and insert INTO your throat to make you keep breathing) for 5 days, and then in the hospital for another 7 recovering.

I will be in a leg cast for a while, then into physiotherapy.

I wont be out of recovery, and back to work for 2 and a half years from my surgery.

I will have a long scar along the bottom of my chin/along my throat, another at the base of my throat, and one long scar down my calf.

Needless to say, once I found out I will be going through all of this, I get very, severely depressed. I stopped doing anything I loved. I would cry randomly, and I stopped sleeping for a bit because of nightmares.

But it's been 3 months since I found out about this upcoming surgery, and i'm ready to kick myself out of this bout of depression!! And I have decided to get back into blogging, and talking with you all!!

Thank you to each and every one of you reading this right now!!!

I'll be back with new posts soon!!

Sunday, 15 October 2017

What's In My Fall Makeup Bag?

Hello friends!!!

Today i'm going to show you all what i'm carrying around in my daily makeup bag, for fall!!

For a base, i'm using a nice thick layer of SPF! Always!

After the SPF sinks in, I'll apply a small amount of Cover FX Mattifying primer all over!

For my foundation, I'm really loving Sephora wonderful cushion! it gives light natural coverage, and is pretty darn good!

I'm also using the last few drops of my SECOND bottle of L'oreal Pro Matte foundation, which is my favorite fall foundation!

For concealer, I like to be a little bit extra. But I use Sephora make no mistake concealer under my eyes, as it's really full coverage. And then MAC prolongwear concealer on any spots or redness!

For powder, I'm using MAC studio Fix powder, and a mix of Laura Mercier and RCMA No colour powder to set!

I could not for the life of me, get a colour accurate photo, so I'm deeply sorry!!!

For blushes, i'm adoring MAC Quikstick in all a flush and here you go as a cream base.

My all time favorite blush, Clinique Black Honey Pop, which is a warm, luminous plum shade!

And my favorite fall blush, NARS Sin! It's a cooler berry/mauve with golden shimmer!

For brows, it's the usual!! Annabelle brow to go, Essence brow pencil and gel! Don't need to mess with the good stuff!!

For eyes, I put aside two palettes! (And mac prep and prime eye primer!) Elf Mad for matte 1 for transition and crease shades. And Tarte Make believe in yourself palette for lid shades! (plus a stunning pinky highlight!)

For lips, I just tossed in a few things, but lips change based on the day! I have Blistex potted lip balm, MAC Prep and prime lip, Hard Candy Velvet mouse liquid lipstick, Colourpop LBB, and MAC Rebel lip glass!

For lashes, I have my new FAVORITE combo. Sephora Great volume, and Benefit roller lash!!!

What are you wearing this fall?

Friday, 13 October 2017

My Version Of The "Ride-Or-Die" Makeup Tag!

Hello all!!! How are you today? I'm feeling very energetic and ready to write!!

Today I'm going to show you all my "If I could only keep one product from each category of makeup" favorites and a look using them all!!


Cover FX Mattifying Primer with Anti Acne treatment - I love this primer!! It smooths my skin, feels light on my oily skin, and doesn't make me extra shiny!


NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer in Custard - I love using this on long days!! I'll press it onto any redness, and zits on my cheeks. And around my nose for a soft even complexion!


Sephora Make No Mistakes High Coverage Concealer in 04 - This is the BEST under eye concealer i'v ever found!! I only need a thin layer and a half under my eyes, and I look so fresh and awake!! It does crease into my deeper lines, but once set it stays put!

Eye Primer:

MAC Prep and Prime Eye Base - I used TFSI for 4 years. But I tried this, and It works the exact same! AND it's cheaper, and contains more product. This is very thick, and tacky!! I love it!

Setting Powder: 

Laura Mercier Loose Translucent Powder - I love to set my whole face with this powder!! It makes my makeup last longer and break down less.

Pressed Powder: 

MAC Studio Fix Pressed Powder in NC20 - This is my favorite oil controlling powder! It's very matte and full coverage. But because it's so matte and full coverage, I can use this while I'm out and about on long days to touch up without making my base go splotchy!! It's amazing!


Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow in M-646 - This is THE perfect bronzer for my skintone!! I have very prominent warm yellow undertones. So anything too grey looks straight up ashy and dead on me. This is perfect! It blends out really easily, and adds subtle dimension to my cheeks!


Clinique Cheek Pop in Black Honey Pop - This is the best blush I'v ever found!! It's a nice warm plum on my skin. It's so easy to blend out, never looks like too much, and always looks perfect!


Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow in ME-512 - This is a stunning gold shade that I use as a highlight on my cheek bones, inner corners, and brow bone. It's blends like butter on toast, and can be sheered out, but can also be intense!

Brow Powder/Gel:

Annabelle Brow To Go in Medium/Deep - I use the cooler deeper powder in this kit, and I use that to fill in the tails of my brows. Once set it lasts all day!!

MAC Pro Long Wear Waterproof Brow Set in Brown Ebony - This was my first brow gel I ever bought, and now I'm 3 tubes in!! This is the perfect colour for my brows, it isn't crunchy but keeps my thick brows in place. It's also pigmented enough to be used alone!!

Eye Shadow Palette: 

ELF Mad For Matte 1 - As a hooded eye'd gal. I need matte transition, crease, and deepener shades. This is the best palette for me in that regard!! I use this every single day no exceptions. The colours blend out so easily, they don't go patchy or too sheer like some matte shades do.

Single Eye Shadows: 

NARS Malacca Single Shadow - This is basically my favorite lower lash line shadow!! It adds some greenish brown shadow to my eyes that really make my warm hazel eyes pop!!

Make Up For Ever Artist Shadows from the top left to the bottom - D-926, D-826, and D-868 - If I had to pick ONE single shadow as my only one. I'd pick D-826 Fig. But I really adore all four of these shades!!! They all work SO well with my warm, brown/hazel eyes!!


Benefit Roller Lash/Sephora Collection LashCraft Big Volume Mascaras - I know, I'm cheating. I couldn't just pick one!! I have crappy lashes. They are thin, and short. So I use the thicker/creamier Sephora Mascara first, and do two coats of that. Then I do two coats of Roller Lash to thin out and separate my lashes! And I get HUGE lashes with this combo!! Both do not smudge, flake, or transfer!


LUSH Santa Baby Lip Tint - This isn't a shock to ANYONE here. But this is my all time favorite lip stick!! It stays all day, doesn't dry my lips out, and is a stunning colour!

The look I created with these products:

What do you think of my Ride or Die list? What's your ride or die products!?

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Curly Hair Winter Hair Care Routine - Tips And What I Use

Hello all!! Today I'm bringing you a post on winter hair, and hair care plus some expert tips from hair dye company, Esalon, from www.Esalon.ca  .This is a topic that I personally adore! I have 3A type curls, with a normal to oily scalp, and dehydrated/dry length and ends!

This is my natural hair texture! This was a wash and go day, just to give you a reference!

-Limit washing your hair so you don't risk stripping your hairs natural oils.
-Rinse with cold water!!! It's chilly but really helps with frizz!

-BE GENTLE!!! When your hair is curly, it's VERY easily damaged and broken. Use a comb and gently work through any tangles!

-I'v never done this, but LOADS of curly gals rave about using a diffuser to dry and add volume!

-Use a microfiber cloth to SQUEEZE the moisture out of your hair. Do not RUB!!

-Use a volumizing mouse at the roots to help plump and make volume!

-Dry shampoo is your BEST FRIEND.

-heat protection is IMPORTANT!!

Now, this is my personal curly hair routine. It may or may not work for you!! Everyone's curls are different!

I wash only the hair that touches my face/scalp once a week, with Got2B Oil-licious shampoo! It's a low lather shampoo, that doesn't make my scalp feel that stripped "squeekey clean" feeling! I'm left with soft, managable hair!

After I wash my scalp, I'll gently squeeze out extra water so the conditioner stays on better! Then I'll take about 5ml of Dove Nourishing Oil Care Conditioner, and work that through the length around my ears. Then I go back and get MORE conditioner, and I'll work my way down my hair shaft making sure every strand is conditioned.

After I get out of the shower, I'll squeeze out as much water as I can from my belly button length hair, then flip my head over, and gently squeeze with a microfiber cloth to soak up extra water! My hair is super thick so this takes a bit!!

After I get my hair slightly damp, I'll part my hair. Then pump or squeeze out a dime sized amount of hydrating curl cream. (I use Deva Curl Styling Cream, OR Macadamia Curl Cream) and smooth that over the bottom half of my hair, lightly shaking out sections as I go!

Next, I'll squeeze out a nickle sized amount of Deva Curl Light Defining Gel into my palm, press my hands together. Then I flip my hair over and start scrunching sections. This gel gives enough hold to make my curls look defined, but not too much where my hair looks wet or crunchy!

For Second day hair, I'll take Deva Curl Mist-er Right Refreshing Spray, and I'll spray it through section by section, and lightly scrunch my hair back into shape!

This is my curly hair winter routine! What do YOU do differently in the winter for your hair?