Saturday, 2 September 2017

So Good I Repurchased - 5 Things I finished and Repurchased


Happy September, friends!!!

Today I'm going to show yall some things I finished, and then repurchased because I loved them so much!

while I didn't "finish" my first Modern Renaissance palette, I'v hit pan or fully finished 7 shadows. So I bought a new one, to use for when my first one is finished!!

L'oreal Infallible Total Cover Foundation is wonderful! It's my longest lasting foundation in the summer heat I found. I use the smallest amount, and really spread and press this foundation into my skin, and my skin looks amazing! I used to have the shade 304, but it was way too pink. So I went up a shade to 305 which is perfect!

I used to own MAC Pro Long Wear Concealer in NW25, but it was too pink and dark, so once I finished that. I bought the shade NC20. which is lighter than my skintone. So It brightens my under eyes perfectly!

LUSH's Santa Baby lip tint is my holy grail, all time favourite lipstick! I'v only ever finished two lipsticks before. And this is one of them!

I'm on my third compact of the Annabelle Brow-To-Go!! It's my perfect shade match for my brows, and it lasts all day. What more could I ask for!?

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