Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Bare face/Acne update

If you've followed me, when I transferred over to this blog, you know all about my acne updates. But if you're new here,

I do acne updates every couple of weeks/every month.

From 13 to 16 I NEVER had acne. I always had clear skin. Then I turned 17, and BAM, I got severe, cystic acne.

It was all along my jaw lines, and where I would contour my cheeks. And it was so painful, I couldn't lay on my side to sleep at night.

So I talked to my family doctor, and went to a dermatologist and I was put on Tactupump Forte! Which is a powerful topical acne cream, and I was also put on antibiotics for a few months. Which 100% cleared up my skin.

Now, I'm just working on clearing up dark spots/acne scars. I am lucky that none of my cystic acne left ice pick scars. Just dark brown spots.

Every night I; wash my makeup off, wash my face, pat a liquid/chemical exfoliant onto my whole face, apply my tactupump forte all over my face, apply a pump of a hydrating serum, and then I pat on a facial oil!

And I can honestly say, my skin has never been better or healthier!!

This is my face just after washing. I have no makeup on at all!!

My cheeks are lighter than my forehead/chin, and I get redness in my cheeks, but that's really my only skin "woes" right now!!

Thank you for reading!!

Monday, 28 November 2016

My most used/favourite highlights!

It's no secret, I'm a highlight hoe! I love to pack it on my cheek bones. And I own way too many highlights.

From top to bottom we have:

The balms Mary lou-manizor (Super intense metallic Champagne)
Sephora Brand Micro smooth luminizor in 02 Light Beam (Peachy/Pink. Very fairy esk!)
Sephora Brand Micro smooth Luminizor in 01 Star Dust (Intense Yellow Gold shimmer)
QUO Prismatic Face Pallet (White shimmer, very intense!!)

My all time favourite, hit pan on highlights are Mary Lou, and Star Dust. I'v fully finished and repurchased Star dust, and I'v hit MAJOR pan on Mary Lou!!

Saturday, 26 November 2016

My favourite Fall/Winter blushes!

I love a good berry, plummy, red blush in the fall/winter! But I get that naturally just stepping outside my front door, as we're in freezing cold Canada! So it's a balancing act trying to find blushes that mimic this look without being super over the top!!

I'm also super heavy handed with blush, so I need a blush that isn't so pigmented I shake in my boots looking at it!!

I like medium coverage, luminous and buildable!

These are my favourite fall/winter blushes, and highlights!

We have starting from the top left:

The Balms Mary Lou-Manizor (Champagne Highlight)
Physicians formula Argan wear Blush in Rose (Light berry)
Clinique Cheek Pop blush in Plum Pop (cool slightly plummy, pink)
Makeup Geek Blush in Soul Mate (Plummy pink)
Sephora brand Baked Luminizor in 01. (Yellow gold)

Starting from top left:

Smashbox Halo blush in Warm glow (Mauvey brown)
Physicians formula Argan wear Bronzer in Light bronze. (Golden shade. this is a highlight on me)
Annabelle Blush in 52 (Light Cranberry shade.)
MAC eye shadow in Cranberry (I hated this as a eye shadow, it was too sheer. So I multipurposed it!)
Clinique Cheek Pop in Cola Pop.

I think only two of these are Matte. And that's because I personally don't like matte blushes, I find them hard to spread out and blend and buff. So I tend to reach for Shimmery/highlighting blushes!!

Friday, 25 November 2016

Purple Smokey Eye FOTD

I'm going to visit my oral surgeon today to check up on my tumor. And because he'll be poking around my mouth I can't wear lipstick.

So I decided to go ham on my eyes!!!

This is the look i'm going with today!!

Base: I started off with Hard Candy green tinted primer on my cheeks and forehead, then MUFE Mattifying primer on my T zone. I then buffed MUFE Mat Velvet+ foundation all over my face. I then patted a pink tinted sheer concealer to brighten my under eye area. Then I patted Hard Candy Glamoflauge under my eyes. I took a fluffy brush and patted Rimmel Clear skin powder all over my skin. Then I buffed Sephora Brand Matte perfection powder foundation all over. Lastly I spritzed MUFE Mist and Fix all over to lock everything in!

Cheeks: I made a custom cheek colour today! I started with Makeup Geek Romance (Shimmery golden coral) and then I blended Makeup Geek Soulmate ontop! (Matte plummy pink) I lastly took The balms Mary Loumanizer, and I blended that along my cheek bones!!

Here's the difficult part.

Eyes: I started with patting in ELF sheer primer from lashline to brow bone. I then took Tarte Whisper (Matte cream shadow) and set the primer. I took a mauvey lilac shadow from a Sonia kashuk quad, and buffed that through the crease and up onto my hood. I patted Colourpop Stero (Black base with purple glitter) onto my mobile lids, then took Tarte BFF (Matte dark purple) and I blended that out into my crease and used that to blend out any harsh lines!! I wanted it to be super deep and dramatic so I took Coastal Scents Cherry Chocolate (Dark dark brown base with purple shimmer through out) and lightly LIGHTLY blended that trough my outer V. I added mascara to my upper lashes, then falsies, and buffed Tarte BFF on my lower lashline, then added mascara to my lower lashes.

Brows: I ran through my brows with Essence make me brow, and then took Annabelle brow to go dark powder on an angled brush and blended that through my brows adding colour, and sharpening the brow shape. I then re applied another coat of Essence make me brow!

Lips: Just Jack Black Lip balm in Mint!

I hope you all enjoyed this look!! I really like it!!

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Sephora Haul! Tarte, L'Occitane, MUFE, Sephora brand.

I placed a "Small" order on Sephora last Thursday!! And by Monday morning it was waiting on my porch!!

I payed for three items, and got 13 samples/deluxe samples/one full sized item for free!!

This is everything layed out that I got!!

I bought, Makeup Forever Mist and Fix spray in the travel size, A L'Occitane sampler with two mini hand creams and a tin of solid shea butter, and lastly I'v been PINING after the Tarte Tartlette tease pallet since it came out and I swatched my good friends pallet of it!! It's been out of stock for months. And I finally got my greedy hands on it!!

Free things I got:

4.5 ML of Josie Maran 100% Argan oil.
Lancome Energie De Vie "Smoothing and Glow boosting Liquid care" - 5ML
Sephora brand Colourful Cheek Ink Gel in 01 Peony - 10G
Sephora brand Pearl sleeping mask - Full sized
FRESH Vitamin Nectar Vibrancy Boosting Face mask - Sachet
The Estee Edit Pink Peony Over night Water pack - Sachet
AHAVA Clear, Purifying Mud Mask - Large Sachet
Versace Eros - Perfume sample
Atelier Cologne Bergamote Soleil - Perfume Sample
Victor and Rolf - Spice bomb (I have flower bomb and really like it so I'm super interested!)
Tory Burch - Jolie Fleur Verte - Perfume sample
Tory Burch - Jolie Fleur Bleue - Perfume sample
Tory Burch - Jolie Fleur Rose - Perfume Sample

Also as a toss in, here's me wearing Whisper, Heart Breaker, BFF, and Crush from the Tarte Tartlette tease pallet:

Thank you for reading!!

Sunday, 20 November 2016

What's in my travel makeup bag?

I'm going off to Toronto in a few hours, and i'll be there until monday late afternoon. And while I'm there, I'll be doing some public speaking and all that jazz, so this is my "I want to look professional and alive" makeup!!

This is my travel makeup bag!! It's just a basic two story bag!! I like this bag, because it's big enough to fit my Z pallet, and it fits everything I need in it, it also has the top zippered part for my brushes to be safe and not all bent and beaten up!!

These are my face brushes I use every day, From left to right, we have a Buffing Brush for my foundation, a angled cheek brush for bronzer, a small flat foundation brush I use to pat out my under eye concealer, a fluffy blush brush, and a big powder brush!

These are my every day eye brushes!! From left to right: A angled fluffy for setting my eye primer/highlighting my brow bone, a fluffy blending brush, a smaller eye lid brush for the inner corner, a thin pencil brush for work on my hood, a bigger eye lid brush for my outer eye lid, an angled brow brush, and a spoolie!

I always keep cotton swabs in my travel makeup bag (i'm known to cough or sneeze while my mascara or liner is drying it's TRAGIC) I ALWAYS keep hand sanitizer with me every where, and my makeup bag is no exception! I have long, long hair. I keep 2 hair ties on my wrist every day, and I have at least two in every bag!!

Moving onto makeup! These are my tried and true primers. I use the elf green primer on my cheeks and on the edges of my nose to correct redness, then I pat the Makeup Forever mattifying primer onto my forehead, between the brows, nose, chin, and smile lines. I usually apply my eye primer while I do my face primer. So I'll squeeze out a small amount of Too Face Shadow Insurance and pat that onto my lids!

Here is my base products! I'm testing out the Maybelline Fit Me foundation stick, and I'm still not sure how I feel about it. I'm bringing my tried and true Makeup Forever Mat Velvet+ Foundation. It oxidizes to a more orangey shade on me, but with blending it down my neck, and the way I keep my hair, its not noticeable. But I always mention that just in case! Then we have my favourite concealers! Maybelline Fit me, which I love for my cheeks. And Hard Candy Glamoflauge, which I use a PIN HEAD amount of to cover BOTH undereyes. Then we have my Sephora brand Matte Perfection Powder foundation, which I use to set my whole face!

This is my Z pallet, I'v recently spoken about this. So I wont get too in depth. But after setting my face, I'd go in with one of the blushes in here, and the highlights. I also go in and do eye shadow after I do my blush and highlighting!!

Next we have my two current mascaras! I'm using the Revlon one on my upper lashes, and the Makeup Forever one on my lower lashes! They both give me the drama I love, and neither smudge or flake!

This isn't anything special, y'all know my brow routine already. But I have my Essence Make me brow, and my Annabelle brow to go kit. Also, just in case because I'm wearing matte lipsticks, I threw in ELF lip exfoliator!

Lastly, we have the lip products i'm bringing!! I'm bringing my mint Jack Black lip balm, MAC Rebel, A Joe Fresh Lip gloss in Wine (It's a sheer tint!! Not super vampy at all!) Maybelline Colour blur in Plum me? I think that's the name. And LUSH's Santa baby which is my all time favourite lipstick!

That's all that's in my travel makeup bag for this weekend!! What do you think?

Friday, 18 November 2016

"What's in my must have everyday Z pallet?"

I finally got my Z pallet all set up and finalized and ready to go for my trip this weekend!!

This is my Z pallet, with the top open!! It has two blushes, three highlights, and everything I need to complete quite a few eye looks!!

For me, for a eye pallet to be ALL IN ONE, not reaching for anything else, I need: A matte white/cream/light pink shadow, a matte warm brown, a darker matte brown, and I would prefer a green and a matte black for eye liner!!

Starting with what I use for my cheeks, I have from top to bottom:

Makeup Geek Soulmate a plummy matte pink.
MAC Cranberry a shimmery cranberry eye shadow.
Makeup Forever ME-512 A Gold shimmery shade.
Makeup Forever I-514 A more peachy shimmery shade.
Makeup Forever I-528 A light shimmery pearl.

Eyeshadows, I have these shades, which make my DREAM pallet!!

I have from top to bottom:

Sephora brand Swan Song, A light matte pink
Lancome Latte a light matte brown (Great transition on my skin!)
Costal Scents Barista a slightly darker/deeper matte warm brown.
Makeup forever ME-644, which is a more intense MAC Woodwinked, it's a super intense golden brown
Makeup Forever D-652 Which is a reddish darn brown with gold glitter through it

Then we have:

MAC Humid, a shimmery green.
Makeup Forever D-562 which is a metallic taupey shade. And it's INTENSE and BEAUTIFUL.
Makeup Forever I-544 a pearly mauvey purple!

LASTLY, We have

Makeup forever S-102 A deep dark mate black (It's perfect for eye liner!!)
MAC Embark a matte dark brown.

This is my Z pallet!! I'm very happy with it! And I'v been using just this every day for cheeks and eyes since I finished it!!

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Plummy Smokey FOTD

Hey all!! I'm supposed to be cleaning and packing right now, But guess who's a lazy bum and is practicing makeup :D

I FINALLY finished building my dream Z pallet, so that post will be coming soon, I'll be taking pictures and swatches of that today!!

But today, I went full out, with a purpley/plummy smokey eye and falsies!!

BACE: I started with a light moisturizer, then SPF 60 sunblock. I let those two sink in, then I took ELF green primer and patted that onto my cheeks and forehead to minimize redness/splotchyness. I then squeezed out a SMALL amount of Makeup Forever Mattifying primer, and I patted that into my forehead, nose, between the brows, my upper lip, smile lines, and chin. Remember, I only squeezed out a pea sized amount, so I used a Small amount all over!! I let the primers sink in, Then I squeezed out a quarter sized amount of Garnier oily skin BB cream onto the back of my hand, then I dotted and spread that out all over my face. Then took a Real Techniques Expert face brush and REALLY buffed the BB cream into my skin. I then was feeling super extra, and took Rimmel clear skin translucent powder and buffed that into my skin, THEN I took a fluffy brush and patted Sephora Matte perfection Powder foundation all over my skin!!

CHEEKS: I went into my Z pallet, and I took makeup Geek Soulmate Blush, which is a matte pinky plum colour. And I really buffed and blended that into my skin to make it look super natural!! I then took  makeup forever ME-512 (a metallic gold shimmer!) and really buffed and blended that into my cheek bones, my nose bridge, and cupids bow. I think these shimmery MUFE shadows are my FAVOURITE for highlighting the face. They blend out like NOTHING, and look so so glowy and lit from within on me!

EYESHADOW: I took ELF sheer eye primer, and I patted that into my eye lids from lashline to brow bone, and let that set for a few. I then took Sephora Brand Swan song (Matte light baby pink) and patted that all over my lids to set the primer! I knew I wanted to do a purple smokey eye based on one shade, so for once I used a transition shade, I took Lancome Strut (Matte light brown) and I lightly blended that up my lids, then I took a bit of Coastal Scents Barista (Warm matte brown) and I buffed that through my crease, but lower than I put the Lancome eye shadow!! I then took Lancome Statuesque (It's hard to describe, but it's a reddish purple matte base, with pink and red sparkles through out the shade!!) which is the eye shadow that inspired this look, and I patted that onto my mobile lids, and blended that upward into my crease. Now's when things get kinda bananas. But I took a Mauvey/light purple MUFE shade, and I patted that onto my inner half of my lid. Then patted MAC Embark onto the outer part of my mobile lid. Which looked super lovey. Until I took a buffing brush and blended everything out. I basically ended up with this dark, purpley, smokey eye!!

LASHES: I took a revlon mascara and super lightly coated my top lashes, then I took a fluffy full pair of lashes, and the Green tube of Duo lash glue, and I just popped the falsies on!!

LIPS: I put on a thick layer of Jack Black Lip balm at the beginning, and then at the end when I was ready to do my lips, i just took Pixie Tinted Brilliance Balm in Bitten Berry, it's a super sheer light berry pink tinted balm!! I wanted all of the focus to be on my eyes so I kept the cheeks and lips subtle!

Monday, 14 November 2016

What's in my travel toiletries bag!

Good morning!!

As you all know, 

1. I am very high maintenance. 
2. I travel quite a bit.

I do a lot of over night trips with the different groups and committees i'm on, and just with visiting family!! So I ALWAYS keep a bag of over night toiletries packed into a bag, so if I have to pack last minute (Like I'm doing right now!) I can just grab the bag and toss it into my over night back pack!!

This is my bag! I wont it in a raffle last year. It's just a basic white zipper bag!!

This is the bag un-zipped and open!! It's clearly loaded, because as I said I am high maintenance and I'm very paranoid!

This is my facial skin care stuff!! I have makeup removing wipes, a gentle Cetapil cleanser, a heavier night cream/lotion, a mattifying super light day time lotion. And a tube of Jack Black Shea Lip balm!

This is my hair care stuff! I don't wash my hair every day, as my hair is curly, and very dry! So I have a sea salt spray to refresh my curls after I have slept on them. I have a mini dry shampoo to keep my hair looking fresh. a mini shampoo and conditioner set. a no frizz hair serum because my hair is FRIZZY. A travel sized hair brush, with a compartment to hold hair ties. It currently has three hair ties in there! And a moisturizing hair butter!

I have curly dry hair as I said, so I like to apply oils, or hair butters every day to keep my hair soft and shiny!!

This is shower-y stuff!! I have a deodorant, a Living proof hair primer sample packet, a argan oil sample packet, a body lotion sample packet, 4 packets of my holy grail exfoliator, and a one time use eye makeup remover towelette from Sephora! Lastly, I have a metal LUSH tin, and it has a chunk of Honey I washed the kids soap, Sexy Peal soap, a LE halloween soap chunk, a minty blue soap sample chunk, and a chunk of a solid face wash!!

This is the odds and ends. I have a nail clipper, my current nail polish (I'm going away for the weekend this week, and I am public speaking, and I feel more confident with my nails painted!) for touchups, a clear coat, tweezers, body lotion, and a sample of a perfume I like!!

That's what's in my travel toiletries bag!! I am aware that this is a lot. But It works for me, and I'v never had a problem with this!! 

Friday, 11 November 2016

Make Up For Ever FOTD

Good morning everyone!! I got three hours of sleep lastnight, and I have a SUPER busy day today, with FOUR appointments.

So I did my face to make me feel confident and happy today!! (I also had to Dentist approve it. Because I'm going back to the dentist for him to check on my teeth after the four root canals I had last week!)

This is my bare face this morning! I did a sheet mask lastnight, and I'v been VERY consistent with my skin care, so my bare skin is looking pretty darn good!!

This is the look, I used A LOT of Makeup forever products. I'm quickly turning into a HUGE MUFE fan!!

Base: I started with moisturized, and sunblocked skin. Then I took Hard Candy Green tinted primer, and I patted that all over my face. I then took a SMALL amount of Makeup Forever Step 1 Mattifying primer, and I patted that into my T zone/Center of my face. I let those primers set, then i took Makeup Forever Mat Velvet+ foundation, and I squeezed it out onto the back of my hand. Then I dotted that around my face, and took my Real Techniques Expert face brush, and I buffed that into my skin. Then Because I only got 3 hours of sleep, I took Covergirl clean concealer in Light, which is a SUPER SUPER pink concealer, and I dotted that under my eyes, and blended it out with my Real Techniques Contour brush, and then dotted Maybelline Fit me concealer in #20 Sand Sable which is a super yellow toned concealer that matches my skin!! I then took a fluffy brush and patted Sephora Brand Matte Perfection Powder foundation in the shade #18 Golden Linen all over my face to set. Lastly, I took MAC Mineralized skin finish in Light And I patted that under my eyes.

Cheeks: I used Smashbox Halo blush in Warm glow. Which is a nudey, mauvey matte blush on me! For highlight, I took Makeup Forever's eye shadow in ME-512 (A yellowy shimmery gold!) and buffed that along my cheek bones, my cupids bow, and my nose bridge!

Eyes: I started with ELF's Sheer eye primer. Then I set that with Sephora's Swan Song (Matte light light pink) Then I took Makeup Forever's S-556 (Matte light grey) and used that as a transition-esk shade. I then took Makeup Forever's D-652 (It's a shimmery reddish brown, with gold glitter in it!) And I really buffed that into my crease. I then took the same shade, and I patted it onto the outer half of my lids! I then took my ALL TIME FAVOURITE eye shadow, Makeup Forever D-562. It's so hard to describe this shade, It's like a super super shimmery, brightening, light taupey/silver? It's AMAZING. I want to buy a single full sized version of this! ANYWAY. I took D-562 and I patted that onto my inner 3/4 of my mobile lid, to brighten and add contrast to the dark warm brown on the outer corners! I then took a fluffy brush and just blended everything out so there was no lines. I took some of D-652 (The reddish shimmery/glittery brown) and buffed that along my lower lash line! I LASTLY took my Makeup Forever Excessive Lash mascara and did two coats of that on my upper and lower lashes!!

Brows: The usual! I took my Annabelle Brow to go, and stroked that through my brows, then I took Essence Make me brow and used that as a setting gel. And lastly took a spoolie and combed everything into place while the gel is setting.

Lips: I'm going to thedentist, so I cant REALLY wear lipstick, as it'll get everywhere. But I remembered I have this lip stain from NYC, their "Smooch proof liquid lip stain" This stuff is solid!! I really love it. It lasts and lasts!! And it's like, the same colour as my lips when they are moisturized and happy. So it just adds a bit of oomph!!

That's it for this look!! I hope you enjoyed this!!

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Feeling Green FOTD

I am someone who is FIRMLY in the "Pro green eye shadow for brown eyes" club.
I think, colour wise, I own mostly green eye shadows because I think they look STUNNING with my medium brown eyes!!

So for today, I decided to go ALL out!!

Face: I started with moisturized and Sun protected skin. Then smoothed a green tinted primer over only my cheeks. Then I took my MUFE Mattifying Primer and patted that into my forehead, nose, sides of my nose, inner cheeks, and chin. I let those set. Then I took a small pea sized amount of MUFE Mat Velvet foundation in #40 on the back of my hand. And then I did one dot on each cheek, one dot on the forehead, and half dots on the nose/chin. I personally prefer to blend this foundation with my hands. So I went ahead and blended that out, then squeezed out a tiny bit more of the foundation, and I applied a second, light, layer to the apples of my cheeks! I then took Hard Candy Glamoflauge in Medium/Light, which is lighter than my skin, and I buffed the smallest amount of that under my eyes. Then I took a fluffy powder brush and PATTED Sephora Brand Matte Perfection Powder foundation all over my skin focusing it, under my eyes and on my nose. 

Cheeks: I used Clinique Cola pop on my cheeks, (With a light hand, and very well blended out. As this is a pigmented bright red blush!) Then I took Sephora Baked Luminizor in 01, and I buffed that along my cheek bones. 

Eyes: I started my eyes with a layer of Too Faced Shadow insurance, and let that sit for a bit. Then I took a fluffy angled brush, and loaded that up with Sephora Brand Swan Song (A matte light baby pink) and I patted that from lashline to brow bone. I prefer to set my eye primer, because with my oily hooded eyes it makes it last longer! Then I took a fluffy blending brush, and started applying Coastal Scent Barista (Matte warm medium brown) to my crease. Making sure to blend and buff out any harsh lines. Once my crease is a nice warm brown, I then took Coastal Scents Balsam (Light springy shimmery green!) onto the inner 3/4 of my lid. Then I took a different eye lid brush and patted Coastal Scents Forrest Eve (Medium shimmery dark-ish green!) onto the outer 1/4 of my lid. I then took a clean blending brush, and buffed out the harsh lines between the two greens, and between the mobile lid and crease. I took a pencil brush, and applied a small amount of Coastal Scents Chocolatier (matte dark reddish brown!) and I blended that through my outer V to darken things up a bit. I'm a person who prefers to put their mascara on BEFORE they do their winged liner. So I went on to put on a few coats of mascara, then took my Physicians formula 2 in 1 eye booster and did a quick dramatic wing on both eyes. I then as a last minute thing, took a sephora brand waterproof liquid eye liner in Green (It's a medium green with blueish sparkles in it!) And I did a line underneath the black wings! 

Brows: I took my Annabelle brow to go, and a angled thin brush, and I stroked the darkest shade into the top of my brows, and the bottom line. then took a spoolie to blend it all out. And lastly I took Essence Make me Brow in Brownie Brows, and I ran that tinted gel through my brows for hold, and more colour!

Lips: I applied a small amount of Jack Black Lip balm to my lips and patted that in. Then I took Almay Smart Shade Butter kiss (what a name) in Nude-Medium. It's a medium brown, that's super smooth and creamy and softening to the lips! 

And that's my green look for the day! I hope y'all enjoy it!! 

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

"If you lost all of your makeup collection, what would be the first 10 items you would repurchase" tag

Hey friends!

I took this tag so SO seriously oh my gosh. 


Makeup Forever Step 1 Mattifying Base! I love this primer!! It doesn't feel super silicone filled (I read some where it doesn't have 'cones in it? I'm too lazy to get up and check) I have oily skin. And this helps keep my skin matte and non oily!!


Too Face Shadow Insurance! I'v had this tube so long, they've changed the look of the tube, but it just seems like this tube is ENDLESS. Aha. I have oily, hooded, eyes. This, and the Elf Sheer eye lid primer are the ONLY eye primers that work for me. Urban decay? Crease city. Smash box? Crease city!! etc. It's like $24/$26 here, so it's a good chunk of change. But In my mind it's TOTALLY worth it!


Makeup Forever Mat Velvet+ Foundation in the shade #40. I again, have oily skin, so I personally prefer to use matte foundations. And while this one is the newest thing to my collection, i'm in LOVE. It doens't cling to any dry patches I get on my nose, and it sets to a matte finish! The only thing i'd change, is on myself, and that's getting shade #35. This one OXIDIZES, It comes out a medium light yellow. And turns into a straight medium with a bit of orange on my face. No matter what lotion, sunblock, primer I apply. So if you're going to purchase this, go a shade lighter/swatch on your skin and let it set!!


Maybelline Fit me Concealer in #20 Sand Sable. You can tell this concealer is well loved. ahaha. It's a light, super yellow toned, medium coverage concealer! I love using this on my cheeks to cover up any redness my foundation missed, and under my eyes because it's a subtle brightener!! It lasts all day! I will even use just this dotted onto my cheeks and under eyes and then powder and i'm good to go!


Sephora Brand Matte Perfection Powder foundation in the shade 18 Golden Linen. This is a sheer coverage powder. I would DEFINITELY NOT call this a powder foundation!! I'v tried this on it's own, and it really, just mattified my skin and subtly evened it. But! I love this as my setting powder! It's a matte finish, and it's petty darn yellow toned. So it matches my banana skin! It's $25 here in Canada. And it's officially the most money i'v ever spent on a powder. But I really am in love with this powder!!


Physicians Formula Argan wear bronzer in Light. This bronzer is more like a highlighter on me. I have to pack on 4+ layers to make it show colour on my cheeks. So this is 100% not dark skin friendly. I haven't seen the darker shade, but I have no faith in PF's skin colour range to be honest. For me, I prefer a shimmery, golden brown bronzer. And this is basically that! It's a golden brown, and it has a inbetween a sheen and a shimmer. It's so beautiful, and natural on my skin. It has a VERY strong scent, for any sensitive skin people!!


Makeup Forever Artist Pallet #1. I was going to say, my custom made mac/coastal scents pallet. But I figured that was cheating. So I went with my second most used eye shadow pallet! I am in LOVE with the MUFE Artist shadow formula! Its a gel/powder. And it's so creamy, and so beautiful. I am a self proclaimed "shitty blender" and with the creamy-ness of this formula is practically blends itself! I love to use the far right row, as highlights on my cheek bones. and I love the top middle show shade in the crease as a transition, and I love the very center on the inner lid, and lastly the bottom left is the most BEAUTIFUL brown i'v ever seen on my eyes!! They also last all day over top of primer!


Makeup Forever Excessive Lash mascara. I LOVE THIS MASCARA. I have naturally curly, short, whimpy lashes. You can't see them at all when I have no mascara on, So i'm usually super extra with mascara and put on three to four coats. With this mascara, I put a layer on the top and bottom of my upper lashes, and that gives me the EXACT same drama as the 3/4 coats of different mascaras!! I was BLOWN away the first time I used this!! I will say, it's EXTREMELY wet at first (which I prefer!) and it gets clumpy super easily. But I love that look. I know. I said I'd never buy a high end mascara. But I might need to buy the fullsized of this after I finish this sample!!


Annabelle Brow to Go kit, in the shade Deep dark. I CLEARLY love this kit (I'v hit pan on the darkest shade!!) I adore the wax, and the darkest powder in this kit. I use the dark powder every day to add colour back to my brows. I have never used the lighter shade in my brows (It's never been touched!) It's super light, and really warm. Which I personally don't like. I like a neutral/cool powder. This lasts really well, and is very quick, there is no fall out, and it's very beginner friendly!


Almay Colour and Care Lip Balm in Plum Me. I bet everyone here is SHOCKED. I, the QUEEN of bold, vibrant, vampy, lips. Picking a tinted lip balm?! I'v been wearing this a ton lately, it's so moisturizing for me, personally. And it adds such a nice tint of redish colour to my lips!! I'm looking forward to wearing the crap out of this in the upcoming Canadian winter!!

That's it! If my makeup collection disappeared (Knocks on wood) I would buy these 10 things first!! I focus my looks around a flawless base. And I think that is really shown here!!