Sunday, 30 April 2017

Favourites of the month - April

We survived another month, friends! Happy last day of April! 

I'm excited for May, I have a Convention at the end of the month, I'm another month closer to my out of province trip, and It's getting closer to summer!

Here's what i'v been loving in the month of April!

Favourites of the month: 

Wet n Wild Precious Petals Megaglo Highlighter. - I love this!! If built up, it's too dark for me in my opinion. But I love to build it up and get a bronzed/rose gold glow!!

LUSH's Chocolate Lip Scrub - I bought this as a pick me up. And it's amazing!! I haven't had tight or dry lips since I started using this every morning/night on top of my usual lip balm routine!

Too Faced Peanut butter and Jelly palette - I'v used this every day since I bought it in the States two weeks ago! It's amazing, and smooth, and pigmented!!

Clinique Chubby stick in Heftiest Hibiscus - I wrote a review of this a few days ago so please go check that out if you want more info!!

Annabelle Brow to Go Kit - I'm on my third compact of this. It's amazing! I use the dark cooler brown in my brows. And when set with gel it lasts all day long!

Tarte Shape Tape - I could write so much about this concealer. first off, PLEASE don't use this the way you see "youtubers" use it. I literally only use three taps of it under my eyes and blend that out and i'm good to go! It lasts all day, and creased the least i'v ever found!

MAC Set powder - I'v been using this powder every single day to set my face since December. And I'm just now getting low!! it has a whopping 30g of powder in here, and it works so well to lock in my foundation/concealer. 

Shiseido Sunblock - I have two delux sample sized tubes of Shiseido's sunblock. One is the wet skin one, and the other is the enviromental protection one. I love them both! They sink in quickly, aren't greasy,  haven't broken me out, and keep me protected!

ELF Highlighting Brush - I use this as my undereye setting brush. It's the perfect shape to roll powder under my eyes to set. 

ELF Foundation Blurring Brush - This brush is AMAZING for tapping in foundation!! it's rounded and dense. So it works well for spreading out foundation, and for maintaining coverage. It's easy to clean, and doesn't shed. 

Saturday, 29 April 2017

Benefit Dandelion and Bella Bamba Blushes Review

Hello friends!! Today we're going to be chatting about one of my all time favourite blushes, and one that I'm neutral on.

I was given four samples of Benefits popular boxed blushes. Coralista (which I'v finished! It has like the edges left in the pan!), Hoola (which I gave away to my best friend), Dandelion, and Bella Bamba!

Here's a swatch and review of the two I have left!

Dandelion is a light, baby pink with silver shimmer throughout it lightly.

Bella Bamba is a watermelon pink with a silvery sheen and shimmer.  

The top is 3 swipes of Dandelion, and the bottom is one swipe of Bella Bamba.

I'm a massive fan of Bella Bamba, it's such a beautiful bright pink on my warm, light medium skin. It's effortless in the summer!!

I'm pretty neutral on Dandelion to be honest. It's sheer, and doesn't build up well. And barely shows up, even on my current light skin. It's also a touch powdery!

Overall: I'm GUTTED that Bella Bamba has been DC. I'm using her sparingly until I can find a good dupe!!

Friday, 28 April 2017

Facing irrational fears - Clinique Chubby Stick Intense (Heftiest Hibiscus) Review/FOTD

Goooood morning! 

Today we're going to talk about irrational fears, and lipstick. So the usual haha!

I have worn Brown,Red,Purple,Pink,Nude, Hell, even Navy Blue lipstick before. But I am TERRIFIED of Orange lipstick. 

I was told as a young preteen by a women working the counter at my local Shoppers, that my skin is too warm/red for orange lipstick. And as you all know I assume, these things stick with you. 

I'v since realized, that with my beautiful warm skintone. I look pretty darn great with orange/coral lipstick, so this is a challenge to myself! 

I have a full sized tube of Heftiest Hibiscus! The packaging is lovely in my opinion. It's 100% purse friendly. I'v never had the cap pop off in mine.

Here is a swatch of the lipstick. It's a very strongly orange leaning coral. I say coral because there is a TOUCH of pink in there.

It's creamy, soft, and smooth. It applies to the lips with ease. It's not so soft It will break as you're applying, nor will it slip right off your lips. It has a sheen/creamy finish to it.

Mine was in my pocket for a long day. And it got too warm and broke off the base. So now I just have to be very careful when applying. I say this as a warning to others!

Here I am wearing Heftiest Hibiscus. I have one medium layer on in these photos. I adore to pair this with a warm blush, or shimmery bronzer/blush. I think that just looks so warm and summery. 

Overall: If you like a warm, orange lipstick I'd highly recommend this chubby stick! It's easy to use on the go, it's not drying. and lasts! 

Thursday, 27 April 2017

The "least amount of products I need to get out the door" kind of tag?

Hello all!!

Today I thought I'd do something fun!

I sat down and seriously thought what do I "need" (I know makeup is not a need thank you!) to feel put together going out the door?

I want my oily skin mattified, I want the apples of my cheeks and my under eyes covered, I want matte powder, a lil bit of colour and sheen on my cheeks, long lashes to make my smaller eyes look big, a bit of sheen in the inner corners, and a bright lip!

So here comes my quick, gotta get out the door NOW products!

I'd pat Make Up For Ever Step 1 Mattifying primer into my T Zone, then do three dots of Kat Von D's Lock it Concealer Creme under my eyes, and a swipe along each cheek and buff and tap that out! Then i'd lock everything in with a good mattifying powder, like MAC Blot.

Next I'd add some colour to my cheeks by mixing this ELF bronzer/blush duo that I love. I'd then prime my eyes, and pat a light shimmery shade on my inner corners and on the inner part of my mobile lids. Next I'd do a good coat of mascara,

Then a bright lip and we're out the door!!!

I tag all of you! What are your least amount of products needed to get out the door??

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

A realistic skincare review - Marcelle Moisture Cream, and New Age Day Cream Reviews

Hello all!! How are you today?

I'v been wanting to do some skincare reviews for a while now. With my finicky skin type, i'v for sure found some amazing and horrid products.

But, I have had a few things holding me back.

1. I'm not as smart as the ever lovely, Anne from Linda, Libra, Loca. (I hope the link works!). I do not have any knowledge of the science behind skincare/cosmetics. I am just a humble young adult with much to learn.

2. I don't want to RAVE about something that helped my personal skin, and it break you out, or give you an adverse reaction.

So please, PLEASE take what I'm saying with a grain of salt!

My skin type: I have dehydrated, acne prone, oily skin. (That's what my dermatologist told me and I agree with them!)

My skin concerns: Oily-ness, cystic acne, dehydration, post acne scarring. I want to start preventative methods.

My background: I am a biracial women who doesn't burn from the sun easily. I'v only ever been sunburnt 5 times in my 20 years of life. Despite this I wear SPF40-50 every single day. I experience/used to have severe cystic acne. I am on prescription acne medication thus my skin is dehydrated. I use a BHA every night.

Now that that's out of the way! Lets get into the review!

Left is Marcelle New Age Day Cream. - This is their preventative/20's to 30's cream.

Right is Marcelle Moisture Cream. - This is just a moisturizing cream for anyone.

I have finished the New Age cream. And I have about two nights left of the Moisture Cream. So I feel comfortable telling y'all my thoughts, having finished or almost finished these!

Marcelle New Age Day Cream: 

This is a thicker white cream. It's very much so a cream. I used this in the morning this past winter, under my SPF and makeup. I will not and can not talk about anti-aging aspects. Because I am 20 years old. I am, but a baby when it comes to anti-aging. Despite that, I feel like this was a great cream!

Every morning after cleansing, I'd massage a dollop of this onto each cheek, my chin, forehead, and nose. It sunk in, but not in a alcohol-y way. My skin was left balanced, soft, and silky to the touch. It didn't feel oily, or thick on my face. But it kept my dehydrated skin feeling again, balanced. At the end of the night when I would remove my makeup, my face didn't feel tight.

Overall, I would totally recommend this to a friend. In fact I have! I got my 54 year old Mother using her own jar of this in the morning as well!

It has a faint scent, that didn't bother me.

Marcelle Moisture Cream:

This is a white cream. It's thinner in consistency than the New Age Cream.

The claims on this, is to just deeply moisturize the skin. There is no anti-aging aspects to this, at least according to the jar, and the box it came in.

I found this cream to not work with my skin. It wasn't moisturizing enough for a night cream. But it felt too oily for a day cream/under makeup cream. It also left my skin feeling stiff and tight if I used this as a day cream.

I found it ironic that this is a Canadian made product, and it smells of maple syrup.

Overall, I would recommend this for maybe a young teen who doesn't wear makeup, and has normal skin. As I need way more hydration than this with my aggressive acne treatment.

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Too Faced Melted Berry Meltified Lipstick Review

Hey friends!!

Today we're talking about one of my favourite formulas for non matte liquid lipsticks!!

The Too Faced Melted Lips are in my top 5 non matte liquid lipsticks!! I swear they are literal melted lipsticks put into a squeeze tube!

These are not drying, but not hydrating on me. This shade, Melted Berry is opaque in a instant. But can be sheered out, if you apply less onto the lips.

Melted Berry is a bright, Lighter/Non Vampy Berry on me. It brightens up my face, and I swear makes me feel more happy!

The packing is a coloured tube that matches the colour of the lipstick inside, It's very aesthetically pleasing to me. The cap is a twist cap, so it doesn't come off in my bag!

The applicator is a fuzzy round thing, with holes in it that you squeeze the product out through. As you can see it gets pretty darn messy!!

The top is one swipe of Melted Berry. And the bottom is a slightly sheered out swatch.

As you can tell, I REALLY do enjoy this formula, and product!! Next I'll be getting Melted Villon

Price: $25

Overall: 8.5/10!

Friday, 21 April 2017

Colourpop Ultra-Matte, Ultra-Satin, Ultra-Glossy, Lippie Stix, And Lippie Pencil Collection, Swatches, and Review

Phew! Longest title award goes to this post!!

Hey all!! Today we're going to go over my Colourpop Lip collection!!

I am missing two or three here from my collection. But I couldn't find them no matter where I looked!!

From left to right:

Lumiere 2
Too Lips
More Better
Lyin' King
London fog

Lumiere 2, Stingraye, Tulle, Too Lips, Mars, More Better.

Lyin' King, London Fog, Sookie, Zipper, Panda.

Sookie, Zipper, Panda, Drop Out, LAX, Prim.

Jonesing, Tiger, LBB, Bossy.

The ultra matte formula is slightly drying, I def need to pop on some lip balm at the end of the day with these. But they aren't as drying as everyone else says they are for me. But again, I don't have severely dry lips!! They last okay. But they wear down no matter what I eat in the center of my bottom lip. 90% of them are transfer proof. I do own a mix of the original released shades, and the reformulated shades!

The ultra glossy lip formula is glossy, shiny, non sticky, not thick, and light! Literally my ideal lip gloss formula! I'm not a huge gloss fan. As my hair is so long and thick, and I live in a very windy climate. But these are stunning! The only qualm I have, is they aren't moisturizing on me. I usually wear lip gloss when my lips are at their driest. But at least these aren't drying!!

The ultra Satin formula is my favourite! It's a liquid lipstick that dries down, but not fully matte. it dries to a satiny finish, that doesn't slip and slide around. But does transfer! It's not drying at all on me. And lasts longer than the ulra matte formula, as it fades gracefully.

The lippy stix formula is overall pretty darn great! I have one cream, one matte, and one sheer. And they're all long lasting, except for the sheer one. But the sheer one stains my lips. They have a slightly plastic-y scent and flavor. And are not drying!

The lippy pencil formula is amazing! I only own one, but will be picking up more soon!! It's super creamy. but is AMAZINGLY long lasting. I love to layer bossy underneath london fog, and it lasts HOURS upon HOURS for me!!


$6 American for the ultra matte, ultra glossy, and ultra satins.
$5 American for the Lippy stixs, and the lippy pencils.


Ultra matte: 6/10

Ultra satin: 10/10

Ultra glossy: 8/10

Lippy sitx: 9/10

Lippy pencil: 10/10

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Wet n Wild Photofocus Concealer Review (Light/Medium Beige)

Hello friends!!!

I wanted to get this review up ASAP as I was asked my thoughts on this product!

Today we'll be talking about WnW's new Photofocus Concealer!

I'v worn this almost every day since I got it a week ago. And I'v tested it while under differing situations, temperatures, etc.

I Purchased the shade Light/Medium Beige. It's a yellow undertoned Light Medium shade! I think the name of this shade is spot on!

This is my bare face currently. I'm breaking out in my usual spot, along my contour area. And I have the usual redness and scarring!

Here's my skin after 1 layer of Wet n Wild Photofocus Concealer. I did two swipes on each cheek, one on the forehead, sides of the nose, and a dot on the chin. I used a real techniques expert face brush to stipple and press this into the skin for maximum coverage!

I would go out with my skin like this!

This is my skin after one light layer of MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC20 thinned out into the skin, a swipe of the concealer under each eye, and then loose powder pressed all over to set. 

Not bad at all!! I feel very confident with my skin looking like this!

Here's a light, springy, full face look using only the photofocus concealer under my eyes and on my cheeks! 
I genuinely like this!! It's a lovely creamy, blendable formula. It DOES crease on me. But EVERYTHING does. 
Also, as long as I do not touch my face with my hands, this lasts 9 hours on me! 

overall: 8.5/10!!!

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Joe Fresh Lip Product Collection Swatches and Review


I'm going to be showing swatches and pictures of my Joe Fresh Lip product collection today!!

I really enjoy every one of these lip products for different reasons!

From left to right we have:

Joe Fresh Lip Creme in Fuchsia - A super bright opaque lip cream
Joe Fresh Long Wear Lip Veil in Kiss Baiser - a mauvey pink creamy lip cream
Joe Fresh Lip Creme in Wine Vin - A opaque plummy lip cream
Joe Fresh Long Wear Lip Veil in Sorbet - A pearly light pink nude
Joe Fresh Lip Gloss in Wine - A sheer wine cream finish gloss.
Joe Fresh Tube Lip Gloss in Fresh Glass - A shimmery, sheer glossy pink

Here we have a picture of what the Wine Lipgloss's wand looks like! It's like a little chair!

Here is what the Four Lip Creme's wand looks like. It's a thin, squished doe foot!

I LOVE Fuchsia and Wine Lip creams for vibrant colour and great staying power without drying out my lips.

I hate sorbet. It's so pale, and it's streaky, and patchy. And clumps up on the lips. No likey!

I love love the Wine Lip gloss. It's perfect for a sheer wash of colour.

I do enjoy the tube lip gloss for super natural days. I just squeeze out a smidgen and I have hydrated glossy lips all day!

Overall: 8/10

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Calista FOTD - (Sparkly Olive Green Eyes, and Nude Lips!)

Hello friends!!! Good morning!!!

Today I'm showing you all one of my favourite looks ever. Warm browns, and Green/olive's!

This is the overall look! Bronzed and Highlighted skin, Nude lips, and of course the green eyes!

For the eyes, I started with primed and set lids. I then used a light warm brown transition shade (Colourpop Bel Air) in the crease and up onto the hood. After setting down my transition shade I went in with a very orangey/warm brown (Too Faced Peanut Butter) in the crease. For the outer corners I blended some orange shadow (Too Faced Nuts About U). Since I was working with a loose pigment for the lids, I put the smallest dab of Tarte Shape Tape on the back of my hand, then took a synthetic small brush and patted that onto my mobile lids, and while the concealer was still damp/setting I pressed a shimmering olive green into my lids (Fierce Magenta Calista) I then took a fluffy brush and buffed everything out for a smoother gradient. Lastly for shadow I took a deep dark brown (ABH Cyprus Umber) and did tiny lil circles of that on the outer corners!

I then did mascara on upper and lower lashes, and applied my falsies!

For lips, I wanted a nice neutral shade. Something creamy and moisturizing. So I went with FRESH Sugar lip balm in Nude! It's pretty darn streaky and clumpy on me. So after I apply it, I blend and massage it into my lips with my pinkie finger!

That's the look!! What do you think?