Tuesday, 31 January 2017


Hey all!!

I wont be doing "Monthly Empties" Because I don't finish enough stuff to actually warrant a empties post. But I'll do it at least every season!!

This is my tub of empties from the last 4-ish months!!

L'oreal Voluminous Millions of lashes - One of my favourite mascaras!! It fans out my lashes, and makes them look so long and healthy!!!

Two Avon Eye liners - I like the bigger eyeliner more. It's nice on the waterline! It lasts a good two hours before needing touchup!! The small one was meh.

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer - This used to be my favourite concealer, Until I tried others. I like this, but there's not a lot of coverage!!

ELF Tone correcting primer - I like this!! There's not a lot of product in the bottle, but it's a nice colour correcting/tinted primer!!

Sephora brand Baked Luminizor 01 stardust - My HOLY GRAIL highlight!! I ADORE this stuff. It's perfection for my yellow toned skin!!

Covergirl Supersizer Fibers Mascara - I love this mascara!!! It's amazing. And when my current mascara dies. I'll have to buy this again!!

Bath and Body works Lip Licious Hydra Glass lip gloss - My holy grail lip balm!! It's so moisturizing and smoothing for my lips!!

Marcelle Anti Aging Creme BB cream - This was okay. It was nice to keep in my backpack for touch ups!! But I wont miss it!

Maybelline Gel eye liner - My second favourite gel liner!! It doesn't last as long as the Colourpop one, but it's pretty darn good!!

Unknown brand Liquid black liner - Throwing this out. It's hard as a rock, and I have to scrape some powder off to use it. will not be missed!

ELF Champagne pearls baked highlighter -

Josie Maran Argan oil - Meh. It was a basic face oil. It made my skin smooth, but my other oils do the same thing!

Colourpop Black Gel eye liner - My HOLY GRAIL waterline liner!! It lasts ALL day on my waterline!

Simple Nourishing Lotion - I like this lotion for under my makeup!!

Avon Setting spray - I love this setting spray!! My favourite affordable spray!

Lancome serum - This was lovely!! It felt like a lotion on my oily skin, and made my skin plump!

YSL Mascara - Awful. I hated the brush, And the formula was terrible.

Clinique Mascara - Meh. It was okay.

Versace Bright Crystal - I love this perfume!! It smells a lot like my DC perfume!!

That's all for this time!! I hope you enjoyed looking through my trash! :P

Monday, 30 January 2017

My favourite looks from January

Hey all!! Good afternoon!!

These are some of my favourite looks I'v done from the last month!

This was from the start of the month! I was really feeling the vampy lips!

This was around the 7th! I was really feeling the vampy lips still ahaha

This was the day before my surgery, I was feeling hopeful and springy! So I went with bright pink lips

This is the close up of the last look!

I inspired this look based around Kat Von D's Swoon shadow!

This was a "accidental giant wing" look ahaha

This was around the 23'd, and I had to run out the door quickly!

Here I was just playing around with purples and big lashes!

This is my all time favourite look to do! I love greens with warm browns!! SO yummy!

This was Friday's look. It's all colourpop pressed shadows!

This was yesterday's look, I budded colourpop Bae all over the lids up to my crease!

And these are today's look!! I'm very digging it!!

That's all of the photo's I have from my looks from January! What did you wear the most this month?

A few shots from my Portfolio!

Hey all!! Good afternoon!

As you might know, I'm a aspiring make up artist. I was supposed to start beauty college this March. But with my Tumor I just couldn't do it.

But I'v been doing a lot of work on my friends/beginner models to build up some shots for my portfolio!

These shots are of two of my best friends. But I also have worked on my 54 year old mother, and my 82 year old grandmother, (they're just super shy and don't want their photos on the blog haha!)

This look, is on my best friend of 14 years, Lara. I evened out her skin with a touch of concealer buffed out. I applied creamy concealer under her eyes. Then set everything with a touch of powder (her skin is combo/dry!) I applied a nude blush, contoured her cheek bones (She requested it. LOL) and highlighted with a bit of a champagne highlight!

For her eyes, I did a neutral matte brown in her crease and flicked it out almost into a cat eye shape. Then I buffed in a darker matte brown along her outer V/eye lid. Patted on a duo chrome Blue/Gold eye shadow onto her lids, I applied tow coats of mascara, and some sheer shimmery gloss and she was good to go!

This was a more dramatic look I did on the lovely Lara. I used warm matte browns in her crease/outer V, then applied a shimmery golden brown to her lids, two coats of mascara and her eyes were done!

For her base, since her skin is so amazing I just did under eye concealer and a touch of concealer on the apples of her cheeks for hiding redness!

Her lips were the hardest part because she kept laughing (Thats what I get for working with my best friend!) Her lips are uneven naturally. But I we didn't want to overline. So we left it with me just following the natural lines!

This is the ever lovely Deanna, She's my other best friend, and I thought with her short lil pixie cut. She needed a "edgy" look! Deanna has a lot of natural redness in her skin, and she also is COVERED in beautiful freckles. So I wanted to cover the redness, but not cover the freckles!!

I filled in her brows, following their natural shape. Set them with brow gel.

For her eyes, I took a warm matte brown, buffed that through the crease, then I patted a shimmery warm red onto her lids, and buffed that up into the crease. I also ran some of the red along her lower lashlines.

Two coats of mascara, and a tinted lip balm later we were done!

This look was from the other day! I wanted to do "Lara but more awake looking"

I love using light shimmery shades with blue eyes like Laras, So I applied a light matte brown to her crease, applied a duochrome Pink/Gold shade to her lids, I blended everything out with a deeper matte brown then applied two coats of mascara.

I filled in her brows, mostly in the front. Then set them with gel.

I applied a berry blush to her cheeks, contoured, and highlighted.

For her lips, I took a bright hot pink lipstick, and patted it on with my clean fingers to her lips to make it more muted and stain like!!

Sunday, 29 January 2017

My NARS blush collection!

Hey all!! Good morning!! Today we are talking about BLUSH. Specifically NARS Blush!! 
I went through a "phase" last year, where I was OBSESSED with cheek products. I was buying blushes like mad! And I guess it was a good thing, because now I know what kind of blushes I like and can rely on!

Left to right: Liberte (Matte Terracotta) Deep Throat (Shimmery coral) Sin (Berry base with Golden shimmers) 

Deep throat, is the "sheerest" and most easy to apply in my opinion!! I love it in the spring and summer as a toss on and go kind of thing! And coral always looks good with bright summer lips. I actually hit pan on this blush last summer!! it's dry to the touch, but I like that, because it doesn't pick up too much product!

This is Sin, my favourite of the thee I think!It looks almost like a bruise, but when buffed out it's the most beautiful golden berry shade on my cheeks. This one is very soft to the touch!!

Price: $38
Pros: Pigmented, soft, easy to blend!, lots of different shades in the line,
Cons: Deep throat has developed a bit of a hard layer on top, but I had owned it for 3 years.
Tips: I love using a duo-fiber blush brush with these!! It gives the most natural flush/finish for me!

Friday, 27 January 2017

The Balm Mary Lou-Manizer, and Hot Mama reviews

Hello friends!

Today we're talking about The Balm's cheek products! I own two of their products,

The Mary Lou-Manizor Highlight and Hot Mama Blush.

As you can see, I REALLY like the Mary Lou!

I'v had the Mary Lou for two years. And Hot Mama for one!

Hot Mama is a beautiful pink/coral base with a TON of gold shimmer! It's a SUPER luminous blush, and not for those who hate shimmer! I love this in the summer, as a very easy cheek shade. It lasts all day for me!

Mary Lou is a golden metallic shade. This is the most intense highlighter I have. I have to go light with this on the apples of my cheeks, or else it shows off the ol' pores!

Price: $26 for Hot Mama, $30 for Mary Lou!
Pros: They are both super easy to blend out, and diffuse, and aren't powdery, but are pigmented!
Cons: The Mary Lou can be a bit too intense!

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Free Paula's Choice RESIST Anti-Aging Eye Cream Travel Size on order of $50!!!

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I was sent an email from Paula's Choice, about this great deal!!!

This deal is on for only a short while!!

Starts: January 26th.
Ends: January 30th.

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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Makeup Geek Blushes Review


Today we are talking about Makeup Geek blushes! I own two, one is a matte, and one's a very shimmery one.

I wanted to make sure I got a matte one, because I HATE blending out matte blushes, so I wanted to put Makeup Geek's matte blushes to the test!!

These are the two blushes I got!
One is super shimmery coral/orange Romance, and one's matte purpley/plum Soul Mate,

Soul Mate: This is my PERFECT matte blush!! It's so easy to pick up on my brush, and to buff onto my cheeks. I just pat it onto my apples, and then buff upward, and i'm ready for highlight! This is a beautiful matte purpley plummy shade, that looks BEAUTIFUL in the winter!

Romance: I am a shimmery blush gal at heart. I will always love them. And Romance is NO exception. This is a beautiful, glowy, orangey shade. I LOVE this for spring!! It's so so easy to blend and buff out. I love it!!

Price: $10 (Plus $8 shipping.)
Pros: So so easy to blend! Very smooth, not chalky, or stiff.
Cons: I want more shades!! The shades are very .. orange/coraly, where I prefer Berry shades of blush. But that's my ONLY con!

Monday, 23 January 2017

Too Faced X Kat Von D Better Together Eyeshadow Pallet Review

Good morning!

I was gifted the eye shadow pallet from the Too FacedxKat Von D collection, and I wanted to get some pictures and swatches up while the pallet is still available!

This is what the pallet looks like from the outside, In my opinion, it's cute! It's made of hard cardboard. That doesn't feel flimsy, but doesn't feel super durable.

Yes, the two halves of the heart DO split apart!

Here is the Too Faced side. This side is all neutrals, and shades I really do like and would use every day!!

From top to bottom we have:

BFF - Matte cream colour. It's very soft and smooth!
Lovely - Matte light pink. It's very sheer, and takes LAYERS to show up on my eyes.
Friendspiration - Metallic Orangey golden shade. Very soft and creamy to the touch!!
Heart of Gold - Light metallic green, very smooth. I patted my eyelid brush to this pan, and had enough pigment to go my while mobile lid without dipping back into the pan!
Power Couple - Matte brown with lots of golden sparkles. This is a DUD. This shadow feels SO HARD. I couldn't pick up anything on my finger, and have to build it up quite a bit in the crease!
Better Together - Satiny/shimmery charcoal with pinky shimmers.

Here is the Kat Von D side! This is personally, my favourite half!! This has *the best* red eye shadow I'v EVER used in it!!

Top to bottom we have:

Yours - This is a dark Grey matte on me. I don't like this colour personally, but it preforms well!!
Devotion - Matte Black. Not the MOST pigmented black in my stash, but not the least pigmented. It's soft and blendable!
Darling - This is a Taupey/Silvery shade. It's super dense and soft. It's almost TOO soft. It kinda crumbles up. But it blends out really well on the lid!
Swoon - This is the love of my life, It's a metallic RED. It's SO soft, I barely have to touch my brush to the pan to get pigment. It glows!
Por Vida - The most intense matte white i'v ever used!! It's so SMOOTH!!
Lovestruck - This is a very sheer shade, but It's so beautiful to me. It's a creamsicle orange shade in the pan, but it's literally pressed fairy dust. It's a opalescent, orangey/pinky shade. Very soft!!

This set also comes with a full sized Kat Von D Tattoo liner, and Too Faced Better than Sex mascara!

I am in LOVE with the liner! It's so easy to get a thin line with this, which is ESSENTIAL for people with hooded eyes like myself!! It's NOT waterproof. My outer corners were watering, and this completely disappeared there. But it doesn't transfer or smudge!!

Price: $79
Cons: 2 duds FOR SURE, pricey, Not easy to store/travel with, eye liner isn't waterproof,
Pros: Soft/Smooth textures of the shadows, No fall out, Pigment for days, the red shadow didn't stain my lids.
Overal: 9.5/10. 

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Colourpop, Paula's Choice, Coastal Scents, and ELF Haul!

I have done a LOT of online shopping since my surgery last friday (january 13th). I'v been stick in the house on bed rest. So i'v been shopping and planning!!

From Colourpop I ordered: 

Bossy Lippy pencil - Matte true red

Come and Get it - Pink/Gold Duochrome Pressed shadow

High Strung - Shimmery Rose gold pressed shadow

Take it Slow - Shimmery Champagne pressed shadow

Bel Air - Matte medium brown pressed shadow

Perilune - Green tinged highlighter

School is Fun - Yellow gold LE highlighter

Bae - Purple/Green Duochrome cream shadow

Glitterati - Highly reflective glittery white cream shadow.

Total: $51 CAD

From Paula's Choice I ordered: 

Sport Non Greasy SPF50 Sunblock. I love this sunblock!! I had four samples stashed for last summer when I was traveling. So I'm happy to have the full size!!

Total: $7 CAD.

(I am affiliated with PC, and I have a code that gets you $10 off you purchase!!
My Affiliate code is: https://goo.gl/m22LFZ    )

From Coastal Scents I got: 

I got 3 hot pots from Coastal Scents! I am traveling out of my province this year for a week. So I'm trying to get my makeup routine streamlined, and small for traveling!! So I can use these three as blushes/highlights!

I ordered, Lemon Chiffon hot pot (Yellowy gold!! My fave for highlighting!!)

Coral Blossom (A true shimmery coral!!)

And lastly, Coral Rose (a satiny pink!)

Total: $10.85 CAD

From ELF I got: 

From ELF, I ordered all of this on December 28th. And It didn't ship until THIS WEEK. So of course I emailed ELF and asked what was up, and they were very great!! They apologized, and said they were swamped, and they shipped my package that day!!

I got The Lip Exfoliator in the original flavour

Makeup Mist and Fix

Mattifying Cream Foundation

Smudge Pot Cream shadow in Brownie Points

Get Glowing kit (It has the 4 pan illuminiating pallet, a shimmering facial whip, and a highlighting brush in the kit!)

All about Eyes Kit (A 5 pan clay eye shadow pallet in neutral brown shades, a liquid liner, and a sheer eye primer!)

Moisturizing foundation Stick

Bronzed beauty set (a blush and bronzer duo!)

A mascara

And I got a 4 piece GWP!!

Total: $19 But they refunded my full payment, so I'm getting everything from ELF for free!!

I want to stress how AMAZING ELF's customer service was with me!! They were polite. and wonderful!!!

Look out for reivews of there products coming up soon!! I should have the ELF order, and the Coastal Scents order next week! :) 

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Canadian Winter Essentials

Hey all!!

As you all know, I live in Southern Ontario. And it's cold. It's currently -13C without windchill!

So, your girl needs some hydration!!

These are my favourite WINTER Lip balms!! I have different ones for the summer. But I'v found, for the winter I adore squeezy tube balms. I just prefer their staying power, and hydration more!

Top is L\Occitane 100% Shea butter. This is a tin balm, that is just solid shea butter. I use a lip brush and I'll spread a thick layer over my lips, I like this one for in the day in the winter!

Bottom left is Jack Black Lip balm (this one is mint flavoured. My favourite is Lemon but it's not available here anymore :( ) It's AMAZING at sealing in moisture. I don't think it would heal cracked lips. Its more of a maintaining balm. But I love to layer the shea butter onto my lips, then apply the jack black balm on top!

Right is Liplicious HydraGlass Shea Butter gloss. This is a lip gloss, but it is my HOLY GRAIL lip balm. If my lips are cracked, and split and bleeding. I reach for this!! It heals them over night. It's so smoothing and soft. And it smells kinda like a cream soda!

For hands, I like

L'Occitane Dry Skin Hand cream! It smells like baby powder and it sinks right into the skin and instantly softens and heals!

For cracked hands, I go to O'Keeffe's working hands! It seals in moisture and isn't greasy!

For night time skin care, I reach for thick creams and oils!

I like the Equate Skin treatment oil. It's a cheaper dupe for Bio Oil! If I use it every day I notice a difference in my skin tone!

I have a sample jar of Clinique Moisture surge intense. This is a nice thick, almost balmy cream. I love to pat it into my cheeks, and feel them soak it up!! It is slightly tacky on the skin. So I prefer to apply it at night/under a facial oil

A new contender is the Physicians formula argan oil! I love it for my hair and my cheeks!

For extra moisture, I go to hydrating masks!!

I really like the Avene hydrating mask. It sinks in instantly, and my skin feels so plump and smooth the next day!

My second choice, is AVON stimulating Hydrating mask! I love the rose one, and the peppermint one!!

For my body, the ONLY cream that keeps my dry, itchy, skin smooth and soft is Soap and Glory's Daily Smooth Body butter!! I can feel the smooth soft skin the next day after applying this!!

For hair, I love this leave in conditioner. It's a semi opaque white liquid. And I spray a few pumps into my palm then spread it through my hair focusing on my ends, and it keeps my hair so smooth and my curls are happy!!

For my crusty feet, I love applying LUSH Lemony Flutter balm, then putting on nice thick fuzzy socks!! This keeps my feet super soft!

Lastly, For hair, I love the Got2b Oilicious shampoo!! It's the only foaming shampoo I'v found that doesn't make my hair feel SQUEAKY clean. This makes my hair feel soft and smooth and fluffy!! I'm on my fourth bottle (Considering I only wash my hair twice/once a week that's a lot!!)

For body wash, I use Dove Deep Moisture Body wash. I apply it to a poof and smooth over my arms, legs, and chest. And then I'll rinse off and pat dry. And I can ALMOST get away with not using lotion!! It's SO softening and nourishing!

That's my "must have canadian winter survival products"

What are yours?

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Tarte Tartelette Tease Pallet Review

Good morning! Today I'm bringing you guys a review of the Tarte Tartelette Tease pallet!

I really do like this pallet, and would bring it with me when traveling in a HEARTBEAT.

The formula is very smooth, soft, and slightly powdery!

This is a very small pallet!! It's smaller than my cell phone!!

It holds six eye shadows. Four are matte, one is lightly shimmery, and one is full on metalic with shimmer.

Here is all six swatched from left to right. These are ONE swipe each. And as you can see, these are incredibly pigmented!! I ADORE the pigment of these shades!!

From left to right we have:

Whisper - Matte cream
Crush - Metallic/shummery golden browny taupey shade. My favourite in the pallet
Heartbreaker - Matte cool brown

Wink - Matte light Lilac
First Kiss - Satiny Plum/purple
BFF - Matte Dark Purple

Pros: Great mattes! Not chalky or stiff/dry. Very smooth and easy to blend, even for a shitty blender like myself.

Cons: Vanilla scented?? I'v never seen this mentioned in reviews of this pallet. But when you open it its very strongly vanilla, which I know can cause reactions to some! There's no light crease shades, as a hooded gal I NEED a matte crease shade. And the two darker shades are a bit too dark/intense for a transition/light crease. I find I have to spend extra time blending these out.

Overal: 8.5/10!