Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Venetian Red FOTD - I'll stop doing FOTD's and actually write reviews soon I promise!

Hello friends!! :D

I wasn't planning on doing this post today, but I loved my look so much I had to share it with you all!

Lets jump right in!

For skincare, I washed my face, then I applied three pumps of Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion. Then a full dose of La Roche-Posay SPF60 sunblock.

After that sunk into the skin, and set. I applied a thin layer of Hard Candy Ultra Light formula primer over the center of my face to smooth and blur pores.After that dried, I applied Becca Backlight Priming Filter to my whole face for some glow! For "foundation" I swiped my Wet n Wild Photo Focus Concealer in Light/Medium Beige onto my cheeks, around the sides of my mouth, my forehead and between my brows! I took my Wet n Wild flat top foundation brush and tapped/buffed everything out. I took my clean ring finger, and tapped some of my NYX dark circle corrector concealer under my eyes, focusing on my inner corners where I'm darkest. I switched to a flat paddle brush, and tapped a super thin layer of Tarte Shape Tape under my eyes and into my inner corners. To set my undereyes, I took ELF's highlighting brush and rolled that in my MAC loose powder, and then lightly rolled it under my eyes. For the rest of my face, I used a fluffy powder brush from Real Techniques and pressed the powder all over my face!

For cheeks, I took a round foundation buffing brush and dipped into my matte bronzer, and then buffed that up-ward just under my cheek bones, to add warmth and some definition. Next I took a thin angled blush brush and dipped into the reddish plum matte shade from the ELF Dark Blush Palette, tapped off the excess lightly brushed it on my wrist. Then I ran that along my cheek bones for some colour! I highlighted my cheek bones, nose and upper lip with Physicians Formula Light Bronzer.

Eyes were ALL The Modern Renaissance Palette. Yet again! I started off with the last few swishes of Tempera all over. Then took my favourite crease brush and swished two layers of Raw Sienna in my crease and hood as a transition. Next I took the SMALLEST amount of Red Ocher, and I lightly applied that to my outer crease/hood. Switching to my 217 I buffed and blended everything out next. Going back to my crease brush, I fluffed the lightest bit of Love Letter through my crease for more pink/warmth. For the lids, I took a flat synthetic brush and pressed Colourpop Paradox into the modile lids. To "set" Paradox, I dipped into Venetian Red, and pressed that over top. I went back to my 217, and buffed and blended the red up into my crease slightly. I took a pencil brush next, and lightly circled Cyprus Umber into the very outer portion of my eyes to deepen and darken.

I applied a quick layer of mascara next, I only did a light layer because I knew i'd be putting on falsies. After the top dried, I applied some to the bottom lashes. Popped on some falsies.

Added MAC Twig to my lips.

And the look is done!! What do you think?

Saturday, 24 June 2017


Hello all!! I wanted to show off an eye look I did today that I really enjoyed!

I started with a clean face, (which might I add my bare face is looking better and better lately! :D)

For Skincare, I washed my face with a gentle non foaming cleanser (Marcelle cleansing gel) then I applied three pumps of Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion to my face, and once that sunk in I applied a generous amount of Shiseido Wet Force Sunblock SPF50.

After my SPF had dried, I used a small amount of Hard Candy's Ultra Light Primer, and smoothed that over the center of my face. I then took a very small amount of Make Up For Ever Mattifying primer and tapped that on my inner cheeks, and my nose. At this point, I also applied Too Faced Eye Shadow primer!

For foundation, I used a small dot of L'oreal Total Cover (I'm in the shade 305!) and a flat top foundation brush, and I stippled and tapped that into my cheeks, jaw, and forehead to even out my skin. Next I took Tarte Shape Tape (I'm in the shade Light Medium Honey) and did three dots under my eyes and tapped it to blend out with a flat paddle brush.

I set my undereyes with the pink shade from the ELF illuminating palette. It's a satin finish powder and I'm really digging it! The rest of my face was set with Rimmel Stay Matte Powder pressed into the skin.

For my cheeks, I took a rounded foundation buffing brush and contoured my cheeks. I find with my face shape this technique works really well!! I can find the hollows of my cheek easily. Blush was Clinique Cola Pop applied lightly to the cheek bones. Highlight was Physicians Formula Argan Wear Light bronzer (Its a shimmery super light gold. It's 100% a highlight on my NC23 skintone!)

Brows were combed out with a spoolie, and then I took an angled brush and filled them in with the cooler darker shade in the Annabelle Brow to Go Kit in Medium/Dark. After I finished filling them in, I combed through them again and then added brow gel!

Eyes were already primed, so i pressed a matte bone shade from lash line to brow bone into the lids. Then I went in with MUFE M-646 (Matte light warm brown) and started carving out my crease. I switched to Coastal Scents Barista (Matte medium warm brown) and deepened the outer crease. Next was taking my 217 and buffing and blending everything out. Then I switched to a pencil brush, and added a dot of Coastal Scents Amber Bronze (A metallic deep bronze) to the outer corners of my mobile lids. After placing Amber Bronze onto the mobile lids, I SLIGHTLY brought it up onto my outer crease/hood. I again picked up the 217 and buffed everything out. Next is the main event! I took a thin, synthetic flat brush. And packed MUFE D-826 (Fig. A metallic/glittery plum/purple/burgundy) onto the mobile lid. I lightly blended out the edges. Added MUFE ME-512 (a metallic gold) to my inner corners and a SMIDGE on my brow bone. I switched to a stiff pencil brush, and I sweeped MUFE D-826 under my lower lashline from outer corner to inner corner. Adding a touch of Amber Bronze on the very outer corner of the lashline. Two coats of mascara on the upper and lower lashes later, I also popped on some mystery falsies.

And we're done!

What do you think of this look? :)

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Five Day Work Trip - What's In My Travel Bag?

Hello all!! I'm back yet AGAIN with another whats in my bag type post.

This time, I'm traveling to a hot, humid, and muggy part of Ontario. Where I'll be for 5 days for training. And It's SO humid I'll have to shower every night, and wash my hair at least once from sweat (Gross? I don't care, Women sweat!!!) So I wanted to show you all what is in my "bare necessities" bag!

I'm ALSO bringing my tried and true long lasting makeup! I'll be in training/group from 6am to 8pm every day. So I need my makeup to last until I take it off!

For my makeup, I am bringing:

A mini sample container of all over facial primer
A mini sample container of MUFE Mattifying primer. (I only use this in my T zone and on my cheek bones)
NYX Conceal and Correct concealer in Medium - for under eye correcting
L'oreal Infallible Total Cover Foundation in 305! - This is the longest lasting foundation I have, and I only need a SMALL amount of this to cover my cheeks and jaw!
Tarte Shape Tape in Light Medium Honey - for under eye concealing
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder - for all over the face setting
ELF Blush,Contour, and Illuminating palette - I have two highlights in the top, one for the cheeks and one for setting my undereye. Then a matte bronzer from the contour palette, and then a matte cool bright pink for blush from the blush palette!
Sephora Gel Cheek Ink In Peony - It's a liquid sheer blush that I like to use under powder blush to make it last longer!!
Tarte 12 hour Blush in Sweet - It's a warm shimmery pink!
ELF Mist and Fix - Gotta have setting spray!!!
ELF Mad for Matte Palette - It has a Matte Bone shade, A matte Transition, A Matte Crease, and a Matte Deepener for me!
Colourpop Nillionaire Super Shock Shadow - I love this for a quick and easy shimmery eye!
Revlon Photoready Eye Art in Topaz Twinkle - I love this silvery taupe cream shadow!!
L'oreal Infallible Shadow in Hourglass Beige - I love this on the inner corners and on the lid to look more awake!
Too Faced Shadow Insurance - The only eye primer that works all day for me!!
Essence Lash Princess Mascara
ELF Neutral Brown Brow Pencil
MAC Waterproof Brow Set - my favourite brow gel!!!
LUSH Santa Baby Lip Tint - My all time favourite, holy grail lipstick. It lasts a good 12 hours!
Maybelline Color Blur in My-My Magenta - Its a cool hot pink. It lasts and lasts!!
Tarte Birthday Suit Creamy Matte Lip Paint - my perfect nude!

For Face Brushes I am bringing:

A flat paddle brush for under eye concealer
MAC Duo Fiber Brush for cream blush
Real Techniques Export Face Brush for Foundation blending
Real Techniques Small Powder brush for Powder
Real Techniques Contour brush for highlighting
ELF Angled Cheek Brush for Blush, and Bronzer!

For eyes I'm bringing:

A synthetic flat shader brush - for the cream shadows
A Urban Decay Double sided brush - I use the small pencil side for lower lashline work!
Anastasia Duo Sided brush - For crease work
MAC 217 - to blend everything out!

This is the skincare/toiletries I'm bringing!

Mouthwash/Tooth Paste
Hand Cream
Coppertone Clearly Sheer SPF50 for face
Paula's Choice Sport SPF50 for my shoulders/chest
Atelier Cologne Bergamote Soleil for my perfume - it's a bright yummy lemon scent!
SPF30 Lip balm
Day Facial Moisturizing Gel - It's a super light gel, that hydrates just enough but doesn't make me greasy!
Night Facial Moisturizing Lotion - Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing lotion!
Deodorant - A MUST!
Clinique Eye Cream
 LUSH Silky Underwear Powder - I am wearing shorts and dresses the whole time I'm there, so I need this to keep the chub rub at bay!
Yes to Grapefruits Exfoliating Wipes - For moring facial cleansing
My usual Walmart brand makeup removing wipes for makeup removing
Night Time Squeeze Tube lip balm
Super Goop SPF50 Setting Spray

This is what is in my "shower" bag!

Dry Shampoo
Solid Bar Soap For the body
Face Wash
Face Scrub
Leave In conditioner Spray - for clean hair, to moisturize it.
LUSH Sea Salt Spray - For second day hair
Heat Protection Spray - I'm planning to show up with straight hair, and then re flat Iron it the second day
Two in One Shampoo
Light Body Lotion!

This is what I'm bringing, Cosmetic/Toiletries wise!! What do you think? What should I add or tate out?  

Monday, 19 June 2017

HUGE, Recent Haul - Shoppers Drug Mart, Clinique, Walmart, ETC. (I may have spent too much money!)

Hello friends!!!!

I am going away next month, and I may have used that as an excuse to buy too many things in preparation!!


I picked up a back up of my makeup remover - Ponds Cold cream cleanser. I love to use a dime sized amount of this and massage into dry skin, to loosen and remove my makeup!

A huge pump bottle of Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion. I use this morning and night. And it leaves my skin feeling calm and balanced!

I picked up TWO backups of my HOLY GRAIL face SPF. Coppertone Clearly Sheer SPF50 face! It dries to a matte finish, which is AWESOME for my oily skin. It's not thick, sticky, or tacky. And it has broad spectrum protection!!! My only Complaint? It only comes in 59ml bottles!! I go through these like NOTHING. And considering they're $9CAD a bottle. Not cheap!!

After reading about how Christine @Temptalia cleans her brushes, I picked up a 240ml bottle of Dr. Bronners Magic Soap! They only had Lavender or Almond. So I rushed to pick up Almond, as I HATE lavender!

"Home Products":

I love candles, and wax melts!! I used to light four candles a night and just relax with the lights off, and meditate. But I would sometimes fall asleep. Which isn't safe. So I switched to Wax Melts! I picked up three from my local Green Earth! Lilac Blossom, Roasted Expresso, and Candy Cane Swirl. I'v used three of the Candy Cane Swirls already. and my room smells SO mint right now!

"Shoppers Drug Mart Items":

Shoppers Drug Mart is the only place near me where I can get my favourite Essence products. So I drove there, and Picked up a new Make me Brow because my current one is dried out. And I picked up two more Lash Princesses! I LOVE this mascara!! It makes my curly, short, lashes look BOMB. 

I'll include a closer up photo down below, but at Shoppers, they had all of the Revlon PhotoReady Eye Art "Lid Line and Lash" duos on sale!! $14CAD, down to $3CAD. So I HAD to pick up the shades I knew I'd use and love! I got a peachy one, a green. a teal, a taupe, and a lilac! Expect swatches and review of these soon!

"From Walmart Items"

From Walmart, I picked up a backup of my current "fast brow routine fave" which is ELF's brow pencil. I'll need that while away next month!

I picked up a new bottle, and a shade up, in the L'oreal Total Cover foundation! I FINISHED the WHOLE bottle of my old shade/tube. This shade is my CLOSEST match I think i'v ever found!!! I put it on, then checked in the car mirror. And it was SO close to my neck and chest. I was shocked!! I'm bringing this with me next month as well! It controls oil, and lasts well in the heat!

I got a brand new pressed powder. Again for next month. As I'm currently using a loose powder. And wanted something more matte, and travel friendly! I got Stay Matte from Rimmel!

I got the deepest/darkest Covergirl Tru Blend Blush. It's a beautiful Mauve/Plum sheen! I love it so far!

Here's a close up at the revlon shadows! They're a cream shadow on one end, and a sheer glittery gel on the other!!

SO I SPENT TOO MUCH MONEY! HAH! What have you hauled recently? What do you think of my haul?

Thursday, 15 June 2017

9 Hour Work Day FOTD

Hello all!!

Today I'm out of the house, and working for 8 hours. And I wanted to show you all the face I did!

Skincare was Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel, Then Coppertone Clearly Sheer SPF50 Face Sunblock.

Base was Hard Candy Sheer Candy Ultra Light Primer - To fill in pores and give me a smooth canvas. I then used the very last drops of my L'oreal Infallible Total Cover Foundation. I rolled the tube and squeezed the last bit out onto the back of my hand, then I dotted it around my face then buffed/stippled it into the skin with a flat top foundation brush. Next is undereye Corrector, which I used NYX Dark Circle Corrector Concealer! Which is a creamy, orange/peachy corrector. Which was patted into my inner lower corners where I am darkest/purple-est. Next I took my Marcelle BB Roll on Concealer, and pumped some out onto the back of my hand, picked it up with a flat paddle brush. And tapped/patted that under my eyes and inner corners.

Cheeks were Colourpop Golden Moment Matte Bronzer, which was buffed along the outer edges of my face to add warmth! Blush was Tarte Paaarty matte rosey pink blush, and highlight was Physicians Formula Argan Wear Light bronzer. It's a sheen-y "bronzer" which, on my NC23 skintone, it is only a highlight!

Eyes were simple, I took a transition shade for my skin tone (Colourpop Bel Air) and I buffed that through my crease and up onto the hood! Next I took a matte warm brown crease shade (Coastal Scents Barista) and buffed that through my crease, but not as high as the transition. I switched to a pencil brush, and patted MAC Embark onto the outer mobile lids and very outer crease. I took my 217, then buffed and blended everything out until it was a smooth gradient of colour. For my lids, I tapped ELF Liquid eye shadow in Liquid Gold onto the inner portion of my lids, then took a flat synthetic brush and tapped it out to blend. Then I took a clean finger and tapped L'oreal Infallible Pressed shadow in Sahara Treasure, which is a greeny old gold metallic shadow. And pressed that ontop of the cream shadow. I dipped back into MAC Embark and deepened the outer corners again. A quick blend later, we add a light shimmery creamy shade to the inner corners, and brow bones. I added three coats of mascara and the eyes were done!

Brows were my usual routine, I brushed them out, then took an angled brush and filled them in lightly and added a sweep of tinted brow gel!

Lips were kept bright and creamy! with NYC longlasting lipstick in FabFuchsia!

What I brought in my bag: Blotting sponge for oil and sweat. The lipstick I was wearing. And a cream concealer to touch up my nose!

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

A quick, summery FOTD!

Hello all!!

Today I'm showing you a quick face of the day!

I first started with a clean, moisturized, and SPF'd face!

Tah-Duh! A bare face!

Here is the look:

What do you think of this look? Would you wear it this summer?

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Empties volume 4!

Hello all!! Things are POPPING off in my work life! So I'v been finding zero time to take pictures and write. But I miss you all so much!!

So to get back into the swing of things, here's some of my trash ;P ahaha!

Makeup Remover Wipes - I liked these!! They didn't leave my skin feeling tight or sore. And removed makeup, and prepped my skin for washing while traveling!

My Holy Grail shampoo, that isn't available here anymore!!! SIGH! This was my last bottle, and I'm considering cutting into it. It's an amazing shampoo, that gently washes and removes oil from my scalp while not stripping my curly, dry hair!

Marcelle 3 in 1 Cleanser - I used this to remove makeup at night, and it was really gentle and soft on my skin! It didn't strip, and it didn't lather. Just what I like!

Marcelle Cleansing Milk - Again, a gentle makeup remover/cleanser! I loved this in the morning to remove built up oil and last nights skincare!

Clinique SPF15 lotion - Meh! It wasn't super hydrating, even on my oily skin. Wouldn't purchase.

The Face Shops Peeling Papaya gel - I used to LOVE this!! It was my favourite exfoliant before I switched to acids/chemicals. This sample size went off. So I'm tossing it.

N7 Soft and Soothed wash - Perfect for removing my makeup while traveling!! didn't make my skin feel tight. and effectively removed my makeup.

Sephora Brand Eye Makeup Remover - I enjoyed this for travel, it was super quick and easy. Not as good at the Clinique one i'm currently using.

Clinique Mascara - This made my lashes look great, but dried out quickly.

L'oreal Millions of Lashes - My second favourite mascara!! I bought it in december. so It was time to go.

Covergirl mascaras - The clump crusher was amazing for my lower lashes, but dried out super quickly!


Murad Invisisheild - AMAZING. I adore this primer. But I'm not shelling out $70+ for a primer!

NYX Tea Tree "serum" / Primer - This primer was lovely!! I would repurchase in a snap!

ELF Poreless primer - this was very wet and slick. But I enjoyed it while I had it.


Living proof Prime Syle Extender - This didn't maintain my curls, but it softened them and made them sell good?

Kate Exfolicate daily foaming wash - I liked this!!! I wont purchase a full size with my current funding though!

Josie Maran SPF47 Moisturizer - I liked this a lot!! I would seriously consider buying again!

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer Custard - I took the stopper out of this, and scraped it clean. It's amazing!!!

FRESH Sugar lip treatment - Im in the minority here, I really don't like it. Its too soft, and didn't REALLY hydrate my lips.

Jack Black Black Cherry Lip balm - Love this LE flavour/scent. But this is a great daytime balm!

Peter Tomas Roth Max Sheer SPF30 Lotion - I love how hydrating this was, and it had decent spf!

ELF Lip exfoliater - Lovely!! I love these, but I go through them so quickly.

MAC Blot Powder - Perfection for touchups!!

Sephora Matte Perfection Powder Foundation - Amazing, exact shade match. And is a nice matte finish!

What do you think of my empties? What have you used up recently?

Monday, 5 June 2017

New Purse - What's in my Bag?

Hello all!!! I'm back!! :D

I got a new purse last week, as a "late birthday gift" so I switched over to it, and spoiler, I'M IN LOVE!

I got a cross body, black, sailor moon purse! It's quite large, by my standards. But it's perfection for what I need!! It has a lot of compartments, and space!

Here is an areal view. It has a little pocket right behind the button snap. It has a small zippered compartment in the very back. It also has a little non closeable pocket right in the front. Including the open bottom!

This is what I keep in the very front pocket. Mostly things I'll need to grab quickly. So I have Three tampons/panty liners (never be caught without!! And always have extra for friends/strangers), my gym membership key card, three hair ties, a mint, some bandaids, and a pen!

Behind the front pocket, in the open slots, I keep a mini deodorant (It IS summer!!) Magnified and normal compact, ear phones, instant coffee pack, and a baggie with: Midol, Tylonal, Ibubuphrofen, and an extra dose of my morning and night medications!

Just floating around, for easy to grab access. Are hand sanitizer, and my wallet!

I always keep a wall plug in, and a back up battery phone charger!! My current cell is 4 years old. So the battery dies quite easily!!

In the very bottom, I keep this small bag. Inside I have:

1 eye makeup remover pad.
1 argan oil packet
Mini Gel Moisturizer
Two mini tubes of cream sunblock
Pan/cream concealer compact
Stick foundation
Blotting Powder
Mini Brush
Eye brow gel
Three moisturizing and sheer/clear lip glosses (whoops!)
A nude lipstick
Lip balm
Dry shampoo
Blotting pads
Lash glue
Chub Rub Powder
Hand cream!

And that's what I carry around with me!!

What do you keep in your bag? :)

Friday, 2 June 2017

May Faves !

Hello friends!! Today I'm going to share with you all some of my favourite beauty items from the past month!

May flew by for me, I think it's because I spent so much time traveling!!

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Sweet is a medium warm pink, with lots of golden shimmer/flecks in it! It's smooth to the touch, and is easy to pick up! Love it!

Make Up For Ever Artist Shadows, in general are a fave this month!! I'v been using and using them, almost every day!!

St. Tropez Gradual Tinted Tanner is lovely!! It doesn't stink, it drys really quickly, and is a nice bronze colour!!

Atelier Cologne Bergamote Soleil Cologne is a summer favourite!! It starts off smelling like a fresh cut lemon, hold the pledge. Then as it dries down, it morphs into a sexy masculine scent. Love it!

My first time trying a Origins mask! I love this Original Skin mask. It has rose clay in it, and jojoba beads to exfoliate! This dries in ten minutes, and never makes my dehydrated, oily skin feel tight!

I love to mix oils into my night creams. But this one wasn't giving me the moisture I craved. So I tried pressing it into my skin in the morning immediately after washing my face. And this is lovely!! It sinks in pretty quick. And makes my skin feel soft and smooth!

LUSH's Silky Underwear is a LIFE SAVOIR come summer time!! I pat some of this between my thighs where they touch when I walk. And it stops me from getting chub rub!

Lastly, I got a sample of Becca's Backlight Priming filter. And it's LOVELY! I love the scent, the texture, and the amount of glow that doesn't make my oily skin look greasy!

That's it for my favourites. What are yours?