Monday, 19 June 2017

HUGE, Recent Haul - Shoppers Drug Mart, Clinique, Walmart, ETC. (I may have spent too much money!)

Hello friends!!!!

I am going away next month, and I may have used that as an excuse to buy too many things in preparation!!


I picked up a back up of my makeup remover - Ponds Cold cream cleanser. I love to use a dime sized amount of this and massage into dry skin, to loosen and remove my makeup!

A huge pump bottle of Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion. I use this morning and night. And it leaves my skin feeling calm and balanced!

I picked up TWO backups of my HOLY GRAIL face SPF. Coppertone Clearly Sheer SPF50 face! It dries to a matte finish, which is AWESOME for my oily skin. It's not thick, sticky, or tacky. And it has broad spectrum protection!!! My only Complaint? It only comes in 59ml bottles!! I go through these like NOTHING. And considering they're $9CAD a bottle. Not cheap!!

After reading about how Christine @Temptalia cleans her brushes, I picked up a 240ml bottle of Dr. Bronners Magic Soap! They only had Lavender or Almond. So I rushed to pick up Almond, as I HATE lavender!

"Home Products":

I love candles, and wax melts!! I used to light four candles a night and just relax with the lights off, and meditate. But I would sometimes fall asleep. Which isn't safe. So I switched to Wax Melts! I picked up three from my local Green Earth! Lilac Blossom, Roasted Expresso, and Candy Cane Swirl. I'v used three of the Candy Cane Swirls already. and my room smells SO mint right now!

"Shoppers Drug Mart Items":

Shoppers Drug Mart is the only place near me where I can get my favourite Essence products. So I drove there, and Picked up a new Make me Brow because my current one is dried out. And I picked up two more Lash Princesses! I LOVE this mascara!! It makes my curly, short, lashes look BOMB. 

I'll include a closer up photo down below, but at Shoppers, they had all of the Revlon PhotoReady Eye Art "Lid Line and Lash" duos on sale!! $14CAD, down to $3CAD. So I HAD to pick up the shades I knew I'd use and love! I got a peachy one, a green. a teal, a taupe, and a lilac! Expect swatches and review of these soon!

"From Walmart Items"

From Walmart, I picked up a backup of my current "fast brow routine fave" which is ELF's brow pencil. I'll need that while away next month!

I picked up a new bottle, and a shade up, in the L'oreal Total Cover foundation! I FINISHED the WHOLE bottle of my old shade/tube. This shade is my CLOSEST match I think i'v ever found!!! I put it on, then checked in the car mirror. And it was SO close to my neck and chest. I was shocked!! I'm bringing this with me next month as well! It controls oil, and lasts well in the heat!

I got a brand new pressed powder. Again for next month. As I'm currently using a loose powder. And wanted something more matte, and travel friendly! I got Stay Matte from Rimmel!

I got the deepest/darkest Covergirl Tru Blend Blush. It's a beautiful Mauve/Plum sheen! I love it so far!

Here's a close up at the revlon shadows! They're a cream shadow on one end, and a sheer glittery gel on the other!!

SO I SPENT TOO MUCH MONEY! HAH! What have you hauled recently? What do you think of my haul?

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