Monday, 5 June 2017

New Purse - What's in my Bag?

Hello all!!! I'm back!! :D

I got a new purse last week, as a "late birthday gift" so I switched over to it, and spoiler, I'M IN LOVE!

I got a cross body, black, sailor moon purse! It's quite large, by my standards. But it's perfection for what I need!! It has a lot of compartments, and space!

Here is an areal view. It has a little pocket right behind the button snap. It has a small zippered compartment in the very back. It also has a little non closeable pocket right in the front. Including the open bottom!

This is what I keep in the very front pocket. Mostly things I'll need to grab quickly. So I have Three tampons/panty liners (never be caught without!! And always have extra for friends/strangers), my gym membership key card, three hair ties, a mint, some bandaids, and a pen!

Behind the front pocket, in the open slots, I keep a mini deodorant (It IS summer!!) Magnified and normal compact, ear phones, instant coffee pack, and a baggie with: Midol, Tylonal, Ibubuphrofen, and an extra dose of my morning and night medications!

Just floating around, for easy to grab access. Are hand sanitizer, and my wallet!

I always keep a wall plug in, and a back up battery phone charger!! My current cell is 4 years old. So the battery dies quite easily!!

In the very bottom, I keep this small bag. Inside I have:

1 eye makeup remover pad.
1 argan oil packet
Mini Gel Moisturizer
Two mini tubes of cream sunblock
Pan/cream concealer compact
Stick foundation
Blotting Powder
Mini Brush
Eye brow gel
Three moisturizing and sheer/clear lip glosses (whoops!)
A nude lipstick
Lip balm
Dry shampoo
Blotting pads
Lash glue
Chub Rub Powder
Hand cream!

And that's what I carry around with me!!

What do you keep in your bag? :)

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