Sunday, 16 July 2017

What Makeup I Wore In 35 Degree Celsius (95 Degree's Fahrenheit!) Weather?

Hello all!! Long time not post, Because I was away for a week with work!

But I am home, and I am ready to sleep for a week.

While I was away, I was In 35 Degree weather, which for my Canadian self, IS WAY TOO GOD DAMN HOT! But I thought it would be a good idea to post what I wore, and what lasted all day, plus some tips!

In order of application, I wore:

Coppertone Clearly Sheer SPF50 Face Sunblock - This dries to a matte, non greasy finish! It doesn't break me out, and it doesn't burn my sensitive face! Overall, my favourite facial SPF!

Make Up For Ever Redness Correcting Primer + Smoothing Primer - I applied a light layer of the green primer all over my face, to correct the natural minor redness I have. Then pressed the Smoothing primer into my "pore" areas, so my nose and inner cheeks!

Too Faced Shadow Insurance - This is the only eye primer that works for me. So This was applied next!

NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer Custard - This was applied to my right cheek, to cover the two cystic acne spots that popped up before I left. I applied this with my fingers in a tapping motion.

Tarte Shape Tape Light Medium Honey - I used THREE small dots of this under each eye and blended it up onto my eye lids to cover darkness around my eye area. I used a flat topped foundation brush to tap this into the skin.

Sephora Collection Colorful Cheek Ink Gel Peony - I took a stippling brush and applied this liquid blush to my cheeks next, before powdering.

Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Powder - I dusted this under my eyes, and onto my eye lids to set the concealer there and lock it into place.

Sephora Collection Matte Perfection Powder Foundation 18 Golden Linen - I took a flat topped powder brush, and pressed this powder foundation all over my face, next to cover up the redness in my cheeks, and set the concealer that I tapped onto my cheeks.

ELF Mist and Fix Setting Spray - I did a few Spritzes of this setting spray next. To get rid of any powdery look!

Tarte 12 Hour Amazonian Blush Sweet - This is a shimmery coral pink blush. I knew I wanted a blush with a sheen, so I could skip on highlighting. I applied a few sweeps of this to my cheek bones next!

ELF Brow Pencil Neutral Brown - I filled in my brows lightly next. I spoolied them, then filled them in, and spoolied again to blend!!!

Essence Make Me Brow Brownie Brows - I locked in my brow pencil next, with this tinted brow gel! This lasts FOREVER on my oily skin!

ELF Mad For Matte 1 - I used the cream shade, and the 3 lightest brown shades from this palette to highlight my brow bone, and to re-create a crease!!

Make Up For Ever Artist Shadows - I used these three shadows for my eye looks! I used the first one on my lower lashline every day (I think this is my perfect and favourite lower lash line shadow ever!) The burgundy shade, was used on my lids for a more "dramatic" night look for dinner, and the light pinky champagne shade was used for day time looks!

Essence Lash Princess Mascara - One of my favourite, long lasting mascaras!!

LUSH Santa Baby Lip Tint - My Holy Grail All Time Favourite lipstick!!! It's a matte, orange red. That lasts 9 hours on me, without drying out my lips, and needing to be re-applied!

ELF Mist and Fix Setting Spray - As the very last step I would spritz my face with this setting spray again!!

My tips for when you're in extreme heat, for long days:

Skip foundation if you can!! I find if I just spot conceal, and under eye conceal, my base lasts so much longer without getting patchy!!! Plus, I was able to re-apply SPF every 3/4 hours no problem!!

Layer creams with powders!!

Keep a little pouch with SPF, powder, lipstick, etc in your backpack/purse/bag and carry that with you!!

Less is more!!

Use tried and true favourites!! Don't test new makeup when you need it to last 12 hours in the heat!

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