Sunday, 27 August 2017

Urban Decay Jean Michel Basquiat Blush Palette Review + Swatches


I'v been deciding if I should post this, for a good week or two. But I figured since this is still available on Sephora Canada. I'll post it!

X-Rated is a matte cool, light pink blush
Now's The Time is a shimmery golden highlight
Jawbone is a matte warm medium brown bronzer
NoHo is a matte purple/plum blush

To cut to the chase, I LOVE this palette! It's my favorite cheek palette to date. I'v hit pan on Jawbone, because I use it every single day to add warmth and definition to my cheeks and.

I use NoHo the most out of the two blushes. But X-Rated is still stunning!!

These blend, and buff out easily. I don't feel like I need to bring out the big guns to blend them out.

They aren't SUPER powdery to the point I have to lightly tap my brush into the pan. But they aren't stiff or hard.

I would recommend this palette for light medium to medium tan skintones. I'v seen swatches of this palette on deep dark skin. And the two blushes were definitely ashy looking!!

Overall: 9/10

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