Friday, 12 January 2018

Where Have I Been? + Tumor Update

Hello friends!! Long time no post, am I right?

one of my last posts, was updating you all on my tumor being back.

Well, today, January 13th is one year since my last surgery for my tumor, and in the spirit of that. I have decided to kick myself in the butt and get back here!

In the next upcoming 2 months, I will be having MAJOR life changing surgery.

I will be having my whole bottom jaw removed, and I will have the tumor riddled parts of my jaw cut off, and replaced with titanium and have my left fibula removed from my leg and have that put into my jaw to replace the cut off parts of my bone.

I will be in the ICU (Intensive care unit) for 2 days, on a trachea (it's a breathing tube that they cut open your throat and insert INTO your throat to make you keep breathing) for 5 days, and then in the hospital for another 7 recovering.

I will be in a leg cast for a while, then into physiotherapy.

I wont be out of recovery, and back to work for 2 and a half years from my surgery.

I will have a long scar along the bottom of my chin/along my throat, another at the base of my throat, and one long scar down my calf.

Needless to say, once I found out I will be going through all of this, I get very, severely depressed. I stopped doing anything I loved. I would cry randomly, and I stopped sleeping for a bit because of nightmares.

But it's been 3 months since I found out about this upcoming surgery, and i'm ready to kick myself out of this bout of depression!! And I have decided to get back into blogging, and talking with you all!!

Thank you to each and every one of you reading this right now!!!

I'll be back with new posts soon!!

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