Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Bare face/Acne update

If you've followed me, when I transferred over to this blog, you know all about my acne updates. But if you're new here,

I do acne updates every couple of weeks/every month.

From 13 to 16 I NEVER had acne. I always had clear skin. Then I turned 17, and BAM, I got severe, cystic acne.

It was all along my jaw lines, and where I would contour my cheeks. And it was so painful, I couldn't lay on my side to sleep at night.

So I talked to my family doctor, and went to a dermatologist and I was put on Tactupump Forte! Which is a powerful topical acne cream, and I was also put on antibiotics for a few months. Which 100% cleared up my skin.

Now, I'm just working on clearing up dark spots/acne scars. I am lucky that none of my cystic acne left ice pick scars. Just dark brown spots.

Every night I; wash my makeup off, wash my face, pat a liquid/chemical exfoliant onto my whole face, apply my tactupump forte all over my face, apply a pump of a hydrating serum, and then I pat on a facial oil!

And I can honestly say, my skin has never been better or healthier!!

This is my face just after washing. I have no makeup on at all!!

My cheeks are lighter than my forehead/chin, and I get redness in my cheeks, but that's really my only skin "woes" right now!!

Thank you for reading!!

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