Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Feeling Green FOTD

I am someone who is FIRMLY in the "Pro green eye shadow for brown eyes" club.
I think, colour wise, I own mostly green eye shadows because I think they look STUNNING with my medium brown eyes!!

So for today, I decided to go ALL out!!

Face: I started with moisturized and Sun protected skin. Then smoothed a green tinted primer over only my cheeks. Then I took my MUFE Mattifying Primer and patted that into my forehead, nose, sides of my nose, inner cheeks, and chin. I let those set. Then I took a small pea sized amount of MUFE Mat Velvet foundation in #40 on the back of my hand. And then I did one dot on each cheek, one dot on the forehead, and half dots on the nose/chin. I personally prefer to blend this foundation with my hands. So I went ahead and blended that out, then squeezed out a tiny bit more of the foundation, and I applied a second, light, layer to the apples of my cheeks! I then took Hard Candy Glamoflauge in Medium/Light, which is lighter than my skin, and I buffed the smallest amount of that under my eyes. Then I took a fluffy powder brush and PATTED Sephora Brand Matte Perfection Powder foundation all over my skin focusing it, under my eyes and on my nose. 

Cheeks: I used Clinique Cola pop on my cheeks, (With a light hand, and very well blended out. As this is a pigmented bright red blush!) Then I took Sephora Baked Luminizor in 01, and I buffed that along my cheek bones. 

Eyes: I started my eyes with a layer of Too Faced Shadow insurance, and let that sit for a bit. Then I took a fluffy angled brush, and loaded that up with Sephora Brand Swan Song (A matte light baby pink) and I patted that from lashline to brow bone. I prefer to set my eye primer, because with my oily hooded eyes it makes it last longer! Then I took a fluffy blending brush, and started applying Coastal Scent Barista (Matte warm medium brown) to my crease. Making sure to blend and buff out any harsh lines. Once my crease is a nice warm brown, I then took Coastal Scents Balsam (Light springy shimmery green!) onto the inner 3/4 of my lid. Then I took a different eye lid brush and patted Coastal Scents Forrest Eve (Medium shimmery dark-ish green!) onto the outer 1/4 of my lid. I then took a clean blending brush, and buffed out the harsh lines between the two greens, and between the mobile lid and crease. I took a pencil brush, and applied a small amount of Coastal Scents Chocolatier (matte dark reddish brown!) and I blended that through my outer V to darken things up a bit. I'm a person who prefers to put their mascara on BEFORE they do their winged liner. So I went on to put on a few coats of mascara, then took my Physicians formula 2 in 1 eye booster and did a quick dramatic wing on both eyes. I then as a last minute thing, took a sephora brand waterproof liquid eye liner in Green (It's a medium green with blueish sparkles in it!) And I did a line underneath the black wings! 

Brows: I took my Annabelle brow to go, and a angled thin brush, and I stroked the darkest shade into the top of my brows, and the bottom line. then took a spoolie to blend it all out. And lastly I took Essence Make me Brow in Brownie Brows, and I ran that tinted gel through my brows for hold, and more colour!

Lips: I applied a small amount of Jack Black Lip balm to my lips and patted that in. Then I took Almay Smart Shade Butter kiss (what a name) in Nude-Medium. It's a medium brown, that's super smooth and creamy and softening to the lips! 

And that's my green look for the day! I hope y'all enjoy it!! 

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