Monday, 14 November 2016

What's in my travel toiletries bag!

Good morning!!

As you all know, 

1. I am very high maintenance. 
2. I travel quite a bit.

I do a lot of over night trips with the different groups and committees i'm on, and just with visiting family!! So I ALWAYS keep a bag of over night toiletries packed into a bag, so if I have to pack last minute (Like I'm doing right now!) I can just grab the bag and toss it into my over night back pack!!

This is my bag! I wont it in a raffle last year. It's just a basic white zipper bag!!

This is the bag un-zipped and open!! It's clearly loaded, because as I said I am high maintenance and I'm very paranoid!

This is my facial skin care stuff!! I have makeup removing wipes, a gentle Cetapil cleanser, a heavier night cream/lotion, a mattifying super light day time lotion. And a tube of Jack Black Shea Lip balm!

This is my hair care stuff! I don't wash my hair every day, as my hair is curly, and very dry! So I have a sea salt spray to refresh my curls after I have slept on them. I have a mini dry shampoo to keep my hair looking fresh. a mini shampoo and conditioner set. a no frizz hair serum because my hair is FRIZZY. A travel sized hair brush, with a compartment to hold hair ties. It currently has three hair ties in there! And a moisturizing hair butter!

I have curly dry hair as I said, so I like to apply oils, or hair butters every day to keep my hair soft and shiny!!

This is shower-y stuff!! I have a deodorant, a Living proof hair primer sample packet, a argan oil sample packet, a body lotion sample packet, 4 packets of my holy grail exfoliator, and a one time use eye makeup remover towelette from Sephora! Lastly, I have a metal LUSH tin, and it has a chunk of Honey I washed the kids soap, Sexy Peal soap, a LE halloween soap chunk, a minty blue soap sample chunk, and a chunk of a solid face wash!!

This is the odds and ends. I have a nail clipper, my current nail polish (I'm going away for the weekend this week, and I am public speaking, and I feel more confident with my nails painted!) for touchups, a clear coat, tweezers, body lotion, and a sample of a perfume I like!!

That's what's in my travel toiletries bag!! I am aware that this is a lot. But It works for me, and I'v never had a problem with this!! 

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