Tuesday, 8 November 2016

"If you lost all of your makeup collection, what would be the first 10 items you would repurchase" tag

Hey friends!

I took this tag so SO seriously oh my gosh. 


Makeup Forever Step 1 Mattifying Base! I love this primer!! It doesn't feel super silicone filled (I read some where it doesn't have 'cones in it? I'm too lazy to get up and check) I have oily skin. And this helps keep my skin matte and non oily!!


Too Face Shadow Insurance! I'v had this tube so long, they've changed the look of the tube, but it just seems like this tube is ENDLESS. Aha. I have oily, hooded, eyes. This, and the Elf Sheer eye lid primer are the ONLY eye primers that work for me. Urban decay? Crease city. Smash box? Crease city!! etc. It's like $24/$26 here, so it's a good chunk of change. But In my mind it's TOTALLY worth it!


Makeup Forever Mat Velvet+ Foundation in the shade #40. I again, have oily skin, so I personally prefer to use matte foundations. And while this one is the newest thing to my collection, i'm in LOVE. It doens't cling to any dry patches I get on my nose, and it sets to a matte finish! The only thing i'd change, is on myself, and that's getting shade #35. This one OXIDIZES, It comes out a medium light yellow. And turns into a straight medium with a bit of orange on my face. No matter what lotion, sunblock, primer I apply. So if you're going to purchase this, go a shade lighter/swatch on your skin and let it set!!


Maybelline Fit me Concealer in #20 Sand Sable. You can tell this concealer is well loved. ahaha. It's a light, super yellow toned, medium coverage concealer! I love using this on my cheeks to cover up any redness my foundation missed, and under my eyes because it's a subtle brightener!! It lasts all day! I will even use just this dotted onto my cheeks and under eyes and then powder and i'm good to go!


Sephora Brand Matte Perfection Powder foundation in the shade 18 Golden Linen. This is a sheer coverage powder. I would DEFINITELY NOT call this a powder foundation!! I'v tried this on it's own, and it really, just mattified my skin and subtly evened it. But! I love this as my setting powder! It's a matte finish, and it's petty darn yellow toned. So it matches my banana skin! It's $25 here in Canada. And it's officially the most money i'v ever spent on a powder. But I really am in love with this powder!!


Physicians Formula Argan wear bronzer in Light. This bronzer is more like a highlighter on me. I have to pack on 4+ layers to make it show colour on my cheeks. So this is 100% not dark skin friendly. I haven't seen the darker shade, but I have no faith in PF's skin colour range to be honest. For me, I prefer a shimmery, golden brown bronzer. And this is basically that! It's a golden brown, and it has a inbetween a sheen and a shimmer. It's so beautiful, and natural on my skin. It has a VERY strong scent, for any sensitive skin people!!


Makeup Forever Artist Pallet #1. I was going to say, my custom made mac/coastal scents pallet. But I figured that was cheating. So I went with my second most used eye shadow pallet! I am in LOVE with the MUFE Artist shadow formula! Its a gel/powder. And it's so creamy, and so beautiful. I am a self proclaimed "shitty blender" and with the creamy-ness of this formula is practically blends itself! I love to use the far right row, as highlights on my cheek bones. and I love the top middle show shade in the crease as a transition, and I love the very center on the inner lid, and lastly the bottom left is the most BEAUTIFUL brown i'v ever seen on my eyes!! They also last all day over top of primer!


Makeup Forever Excessive Lash mascara. I LOVE THIS MASCARA. I have naturally curly, short, whimpy lashes. You can't see them at all when I have no mascara on, So i'm usually super extra with mascara and put on three to four coats. With this mascara, I put a layer on the top and bottom of my upper lashes, and that gives me the EXACT same drama as the 3/4 coats of different mascaras!! I was BLOWN away the first time I used this!! I will say, it's EXTREMELY wet at first (which I prefer!) and it gets clumpy super easily. But I love that look. I know. I said I'd never buy a high end mascara. But I might need to buy the fullsized of this after I finish this sample!!


Annabelle Brow to Go kit, in the shade Deep dark. I CLEARLY love this kit (I'v hit pan on the darkest shade!!) I adore the wax, and the darkest powder in this kit. I use the dark powder every day to add colour back to my brows. I have never used the lighter shade in my brows (It's never been touched!) It's super light, and really warm. Which I personally don't like. I like a neutral/cool powder. This lasts really well, and is very quick, there is no fall out, and it's very beginner friendly!


Almay Colour and Care Lip Balm in Plum Me. I bet everyone here is SHOCKED. I, the QUEEN of bold, vibrant, vampy, lips. Picking a tinted lip balm?! I'v been wearing this a ton lately, it's so moisturizing for me, personally. And it adds such a nice tint of redish colour to my lips!! I'm looking forward to wearing the crap out of this in the upcoming Canadian winter!!

That's it! If my makeup collection disappeared (Knocks on wood) I would buy these 10 things first!! I focus my looks around a flawless base. And I think that is really shown here!! 

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