Friday, 16 December 2016

ABC Tag!

I saw this tag on Kissandmakeupbeautyblog, and decided it looked fun so I'm giving this a go!!

A - Age: I turn 20 In early February!

B - Biggest fear: Being abandoned, and Spiders!!

C - Current Time: 11:47

D - Drink I last had: Coffee!! Lots of milk and two sugars please!

E - Easiest person to talk to: My counselor, and my best friend, Lara!

F - Favourite Song: Shut up and Dance - Walk the Moon

G - Grossest Memory: Earlier this year, I was in Toronto for business, and I got food poisoning from a pub/bar I went to ahaha.  

H - Home Town: I don't really know? I was born and lived in Toronto/Mississauga for a bit. But i'v spent most of my life on this earth in Orangeville which is a hour NORTH of Toronto!

I - In love with: My friends, Family, and my Bunnies!!

J - Jealous of: People with good metabolisms!! Because of my past with Anorexia, my metabolism is SHITE!

K - Kill someone: :~)

L - Longest Relationship: Two years! But, it wasn't a healthy relationship. tbh.

M - Middle Name: Louise (French Origin. Means great warrior") and Hope! (Catholic background, meaning Hope of course :P )

N - Number Of Siblings: 1 amazing older brother, named Justin!!

O - One Wish: To get my tumor removed safely and I don't loose any teeth/feeling in my face!

P -  Person I last Called: It's a tie between my Mama, or my friend Deanna!

Q - Question i'm always asked: "What race are you?" "where are you from?" Gotta love being mixed race LOL.

R - Reason to Smile: I'm alive and pretty darn healthy!!!

S - Song last sang: Anna Sun - Walk the Moon

T - Time I woke up: 7AM!! But I didn't go to bed until 4AM! Hah!

U - Underwear colour: Grey and Teal!

V - Vacation destination: I would love to go to Vancouver!! My Native half lives over there, and I have a bunch of friends over there as well!! My other pick would be Quebec/Montreal. But I'm actually going there next september!!

W - Worst Habit: Licking my lips when I'm anxious!! Ugh!

X - X Ray's I'v had: Because of my tumor, I'v had 6. Just this year. Plus I have chronic nerve pain/damage. So I'v had well over 20 in my young life!!

Y - My favourite Food: Spicy Tofu Pad Thai!! YUM.

Z - Zodiac Sign: Aquarius!! (Everyone says I act very much like a stereotypical Aquarius! Haha!)

I tag ANYONE and EVERYONE who want's to do this!!!!

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