Saturday, 24 December 2016

Happy Holidays! / Christmas Eve FOTD / Mini Haul!

Happy holidays everyone!! I hope everyone is safe and warm and surrounded by lots of loved ones, blood related or not. 

I got payed yesterday, so I picked up a few things I needed!!

I wear at LEAST SPF 60 every day under my makeup, so I go through a LOT of sunblock!! I have extremely acne prone/sensitive skin. I usually buy the Neutragena Clear Skin acne prone sun block, BUT! It's gone up in price $3 since I first bought it. It's currently $14.99 at CHEAPEST. So ya girl branched out! I picked up Coppertone Sensitive skin face sunblock with SPF 60. fingers crossed I don't get a rash, or break out from it!!

I also picked up the ELF Contouring kit. I'v been VERY into bronzing up my cheeks and forehead lately (I have a super small forehead, so I don't know why I'd want to contour it LOL) lately!! So I figured for $8, this would be a good compact thing for all of my travelling!! I am wearing the cooler contour shade in my cheeks, and the warm brown one on my forehead, and the shimmery white on my cheek bones!!

Lastly in this mini haul, I saw a box with my HOLY GRAIL mascara, ( L'oreal Voluminous Million lashes! in the gold tube!) with a full sized L'oreal liquid eye liner for $9.85!!! That's a STEAL. And I'm on the last bits of my current sample sized mascara, so I'm going to put the mascara away until i'm for sure done with my current mascara!! I'm wearing the liquid liner in the FOTD picture. And so far, after using it once, i think I like it!! I need to get the hang of the applicator. But it's pretty darn good!!

Onto my Christmas Eve FOTD!!

Why yes, I AM wearing purple eyeshadow, purple lipstick, AND a purple shirt! LOL. I'm currently testing a new foundation for review, so what do you all think of the colour match? I think it's perfect! 

Anyway!! I'm heading off to go eat chinese food with my loved ones!! I hope you all have a safe and wonderful upcoming weeks!!! 

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