Sunday, 7 May 2017

Essence Pure Nude Highlight Review

Hello all!! Today we're going to look at an amazing, cheap highlight!!

This highlight is a light beige, with a low sheen. It's a more natural, and low sheen highlight. Perfect for oily skin, or people who prefer more natural highlights!

Here I am wearing two layers of Essence Pure Nude highlight on my cheeks, and one light layer on my nose and cupids bow.

This is a baked highlight, It's soft, and is easy to pick up on a brush. Totally different than what I think of when I think of baked powders.

This highlight lasts from morning, to when I wash my face at night. I have oily skin. My nose, and inner cheeks are where I'm the most oily.

Overall, this is a beautiful, easy, highlight perfect from Light/Medium skintones, to the deeper end of the Medium skintone range! I personally have not used this on a very deep, rich skintone yet. So I personally can not say what it would look like!!

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