Thursday, 25 May 2017

Too Faced Shadow Insurance Review - Severely Hooded, Oily Lids.

Hello again friends!!!

Today, we're going to talk about my holiest of holy grail's!!

I have severely hooded, oily lids.

This is my "least" hooded eye. I say that because my eyes are unevenly hooded!! One eye, has a hood that covers all of the lid from the lashline. and the other, is this eye here!

So all day, whenever I blink, or look around, my hood is rubbing against my lids. And thus distroying all of the hard work I did with my eye shadow!

Add in the fact that my eye lids are OIL SLICKS.

NOTHING used to last on my lids. I was lucky if I got ten minutes? of wear.

Until I tried Too Faced Shadow Insurance that is!

TFSI, is a thicker, light beige eye primer. I wont call it clear, because I haven't see how it looks on the deepest of skintones. But I imagine It could get ashy!

I use less than the above amount for both eyes. I take the smallest amount, and pat it from lash line to brow bone. And Because It dries to a tacky finish, I like to set it with my face powder or a matte bone shade to make blending out crease shades easier.

I NEVER get creasing with this product!! Nor do I get fading as well!!

I think this is a god send, for me and my eye shape. I wont say it'll be a miracle product for EVERYONE. But boy is this amazing for me!

Price: $24
Amount: 11g /0.35oz
Overall: 9.5/10!


  1. Great review! I've never tried this - as I've always used the Urban Decay Primer Potion! I'm always looking to try something new though!

    1. Hey Macy!!! Thanks!! :D

      I used to use Primer Potion! It was the first eye primer I tried, but everything still creased on me, with it. :( Sad because primer potion is cheaper than Shadow Insurance here!