Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Even More Modern Renaissance Palette EOTD's

Hello all!!!

I haven't sat down and written a blog post in 2 weeks. So this feels so strange to me! Hahaha!

I thought i'd jump back into writing again with a few Eye's of the day pictures!!

First up is a look I'v done before, But I did it back in February, and I feel like my technique is much better now!!

For this look I primed with Too Faced Shadow Insurance, then took a large flat fluffy brush and pressed Tempera (matte cream) into the primer to lock it in place and set it. I switched to the brush that came with the palette, and used the fluffy crease end and buffed Buon Fresco (Matte mauvey plum) through the crease, onto the hood, and the outer corners. I took the same crease brush and fluffed Antique Bronze (Sheen-y Bronze) on the outer corners and crease for some depth. I took a clean blending brush and did little circles back and forth to blend everything together into a soft colour. I took a pencil brush and placed Cyprus Umber (Matte deep dark brown) directly into the outer crease and outer half of my mobile lids. I took the clean blending brush, and did little circles back and forth again to blend everything! I took a flat shader brush, and pressed Vermeer (Shimmery metallic pinky white) into the inner corners of my mobile lid and tear duct area. I took a wide flat brush and ran a mix of Antique Bronze and Cyprus Umber under my lower lash line.

I added two coats of mascara and we're good to go!

For the second look, I went a little more dramatic, smokey, and warm!:

For this look, I primed with TFSI, Pressed Tempera into the lids to set, then went in with Raw Sienna (Matte light wheat shade) and fluffed that through the crease as a transition. With the same brush I blended Burnt Orange (matte burnt orange) over top to add some warmth to the upper crease/hood. I decided to use Red Ocher (matte brick shade) in the crease to add some warmth and depth. I placed that directly onto the lid and the crease with a pencil brush then went in with a clean blending brush and buffed it all out. I then took the same pencil brush and placed Cyprus Umber on the furthest outer portion of my eye, and blended that up into the crease. I took a wide flat brush and Pressed Venetian Red (Matte red base with silver sheen) under my lower lashes to make the green in my eyes POP. I added Primavera (Mettalic Yellow/Gold)

I added some Tempera to my upper hood to blend it out, patted Vermeer onto the brow bone. Added three coats of mascara. And we're done!

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