Friday, 12 May 2017

Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer - Medium Deep

Hey all!! How are you today? I'm feeling so pumped and ready to go!

Today I wanted to chat with yall about my second EVER, matte bronzer. I'm 100% a shimmery bronzer gal. I totally prefer them. But I'v been super into bronzing and contouring my jawline lately. So here we are!

This bronzer is pretty light for their "medium/deep" shade. If the packaging didn't say it, I wouldn't believe it!

The powder came with a hard, chalky, layer overtop of it. So I had to scrape it a bit. But after that it became super soft, and easy to pick up on a brush and blend out!!

This is, I think, my perfect bronzer. It blends right into my skin, and adds warmth and subtle definition. I dig it!

There is a very strong cocoa powder scent to the product though!! It smells yummy to me, but I would have preferred they didn't add it.

Overall: 8/10! 

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