Sunday, 14 May 2017

My Favorite Sunblocks!

Hello again friends!!

Today i'm going to talk to you all about SPF!

I am a strong believer in wearing SPF every day. I am from Southern Ontario, Canada. We got a LOT of snow, and slush. But I still wear SPF50 in the winter!

I am a mixed race person, who is very lucky that I do not burn in the sun. I just tan. I'v only been burnt a handful of times in my life. But the first time I burnt, It blistered, and it was AWFUL. I was 9 at the time. And I still remember that pain. SHUDDER.

Because of this experience, I learned very early that SPF was very important!!

In the last 5 months, i'v introduced 2% BHA into my skincare routine. I use this every night as my first step in my skincare routine (after cleansing and washing my face of course!) And as i'm sure you all know, you MUST use sunblock while using AHA's/BHA's!!

I'm ALSO on a very aggressive acne treatment gel. It's 2.5% BP, where the usual dose according to me dermatologist, is 1.5% to 2.0%. And the treatment gel, makes my skin more susceptible to burning, and sun damage!

So because of all of these factors, I wear SPF daily!

I'll get off my soapbox (for now!!!) and I'll show you my favourite sunblocks!

Paula's Choice Extra Care Non-greasy Sunblock SPF50 - My third favorite sunblock! this is a super runny, liquidy sunblock, that does sink into the skin super easily and quickly!! I like to do a layer of this, let it sink in, then do a second layer!! It doesn't ball up, or ever feel heavy!! I love this!

Coppertone Clearlysheer Face SPF50 - My holy grail SPF! This truly sinks into the skin in a snap. It leaves my skin with a satin finish. It feels like NOTHING on my oily skin. It keeps my skin balanced, and happy! I love this stuff so much and will always have it on hand!

Shiseido Sun Protection Cream Water Resistant SPF50 - This has the same formula as the other Shiseido sunblock, It's light, creamy and airy. It sinks into the skin so nicely, and leaves me fresh and ready to go with makeup! It has a light floral scent.

Peter Tomas Roth Max Sheer All Day Moisture Sunscreen SPF30 - This is the thickest out of all of the sunblocks! It comes out of the container as a thick cream. And it is moisturizing as claimed. But it's not SO moisturizing that my oily skin feels heavy and smothered! It has a basic sunscreen scent. This is the lowest i'll go SPF wise!

Shiseido Urban Environment UV protection cream SPF40 - This is my second favorite sunblock! It's a nice fluffy cream, that sinks into the skin in about 60 seconds. And leaves my skin feeling dry and not sticky or tacky!! It has a floral scent to it!

Neutragena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunscreen SPF60 - This used to be my holy grail SPF, I'd wear it every day under my makeup. But Now that I'v branched out. I realize how thick, and moisturizing this is. And with my oily skin, that's a no-no. But as a sunblock for my Dry, KP covered shoulders, and arms? HEAVENLY! This also has a basic sunblock scent!

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