Friday, 5 May 2017

My Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow Collection

Hey all!!

Today we're talking about one of my all time favourite eye shadow formulas!

To get right to the point, MUFE's Artist Shadows are worth every penny (even if we don't have pennies anymore!!) of their $24 dollar price tag!

They are a super creamy, and dense/thick formula. They feel like a siliconey based formula if that gives you an idea as to their dense formula!!

I have oily, severely hooded eyes. and over top of my usual set eye primer (Too Faced Shadow Insurance, set with a matte cream shadow!) they do not crease, fade, or get muddy, by the end of the day! (I usually put my makeup on at 10am and take it off at 12am! just as a time frame for y'all!) The metallic/glittery ones DO transfer up onto my hood though!!

I own 5 of the finishes (I'm pretty sure they ONLY offer 5 finishes though!), ME, I, D, S, and M! D and ME are my favourites of the finishes as well.

These are amazingly easy to blend out! I'v always struggled with getting a smooth and even blend, and these are not an issue for me at all. I just do little circles in windshield wiper motions and they're blended out in no time with very little effort!

Here is all of my shadows, I own one of the artist palettes (#1) and then 6 of the full sized shadows!

From left to right we have:





I'm sure you can tell I really love the Diamond finish!!

Amount: 2.5g, (these are huge!)

Price: $24 for a single pan, $52 for three pans!

Overal: 9.5/10

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