Tuesday, 21 March 2017

A Rexal/Shoppers Drug Mart Haul!


I finally got some disposable income/money, after not having any for around a month. And after getting everything I needed payed. I splurged and went on a drugstore "spree"

This is everything I picked up! I spent $60 CAD, and saved $20 thanks to coupons, and sales!!

I do not like to use makeup removing wipes, I prefer to use a cream and massage my makeup off. And I'v heard good things about Ponds Cold cream, so I jumped at it, as i'm running low on my current cream makeup remover!

I also MAY or MAYNOT have picked up 3 packets of my holy grail hair mask/conditioner. Marc Anthony Shea Butter and Marula Oil Hair mask is my all time favourite, holy grail hair mask. I buy three packs and depot them into a giant lush pot, and the three packs last me a month, maybe 6 weeks!

I got Ardel Natural 120 lashes, which are STUNNING. They're SO natural, and fluffy. I'll be going back for more for sure!!

I'm almost out of my MAC Waterproof brow set, and since I don't have the money to repurchase. I'm going to the next best thing. Essence Make Me Brow, in 3 brownie brow.

I FINALLY found the Essence Pure Nude Highlighter!!! It finally showed up at my Shoppers Drug Mart!! So I snatched it up. it's a BEAUTIFUL Natural, low shimmer highlight! I expect to use it a lot in the upcoming hot months!

I hit pan on my Peachy Make Up For Ever under eye corrector, so I decided to try the NYX Dark Circle Concealer Corrector in Medium. It's a lil sheer, but it does help my under eye look more fresh!!

I got Essence Lash Princess. My old Holy Grail mascara, was the Plump No Clump in the teal tube from essence. So I have high hopes for this mascara!!

I also needed a new face primer, as I'v used all of mine up. So I picked up ELF Pore filling primer. It smells super strongly of tea tree. But it works pretty well!!

Lastly, I got my new babies. I got three new brushes! I only owned 1 foundation buffing brush, and it gets dirty so quickly, I wanted another one or two. So I picked up ELF buffing foundation brush, and Real Techniques Expert Face brush (I already own the Reach Techniques buffing brush. it's a similar shape to this one!) And I got the ELF Blending brush!

Here's the false eye lashes on the eye btw. They look like what my dream lashes look like!!

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