Sunday, 12 March 2017

Great Palettes for travel!

I travel quite a bit, and I'd like to think I'm good at packing makeup for short, to long trips!

These are my favourite, "I only have room for one palette in my bag but I need options" eye and cheek palettes!

Here are all of my favourite traveling palettes, Some are custom made, and some came with the shades in them!


Here, we have my BELOVED Anastasia Modern Renaissance palette. I can get at least 5 looks out of this palette. So this is my favourite for week/3 day + long travels! It's mostly warm shades, with mostly mattes. Which with my hooded eyes, I love! It does have 3, or 4 shades with differing levels of shimmer. So I can get complete looks out of this! I'v also used the MR for my cheek looks too! I love to use, Love Letter as blush with a stippling brush, and either Vermeer or Primavera as highlights!

Below the Anastasia palette we have my Medium Z palette with everything I'd need for a multitude of different looks! I have my basics that I "need" like a light matte cream, a matte brown transition, two deeper browns for deepening up looks, and it has a bunch of different shimmery lid shades!

At the top here, we have my custom blush/cheek palette. I have anything I could need cheek wise in this small Colourpop Palette! I have a matte Plum blush, a shimmery golden pink, a sparkly watermelon pink,  a red/cranberry blush, two highlights, one warm and one cool. And a shimmery bronzer!

Then to the left, we have my well loved Tarte Tartelette Tease palette! It has a light matte cream, a light matte lilac, a satiny plummy shade, a glittery golden browny shade, a matte deep brown, and a matte purple! I can get one or two looks out of this palette, and I love it for over night, or two to three day trips!

I wont go on too much about my Sugarpill Feline Fancy quad, as I reviewed it a few days ago. But I love this quad for blush/bronzer/highlight, AND for easy eye day or night looks!

Here we have my Make Up For Ever Trio. There's Matte, warm brown M-646, Shimmery, Purpley/Plummy D-826, and Light, Metallic, Golden ME-512. I use this trio as a eye and cheek palette! I'll use the matte brown in the crease, then pack the purpley plum onto the lids and blend up into the crease, And the shimmery Gold to highlight! Or, I'll use the matte brown to lightly bronze, the Plummy Purple as a blush, and the shimmery Gold as one of my favourite highlights! So it's very easy to toss into a small bag and have options!

Lastly, I have my MAC Quad. I have from top left going clock wise: Mulch, Embark, WoodWinked, and Nylon. I can get 3 looks out of this quad. So I love to bring this quad, and a cream shadow. And I'll be able to get SO much variety!!

I hope this helped or inspired you!! What are your favourite palettes for travel?

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