Thursday, 2 March 2017

Products that disappointed me!

Hey all!! Good morning!

I LOVE reading disappointing product posts. I don't know why, but they are my all time favourite posts to read!!!

So today, I'm writing my own! :D

This is The Body Shop's Seaweed Clarifying Night Treatment, for combination to oily skin. It says it "balances excess oil while moisturizing" It broke me out HORRIBLY. Every time I use this, I get painful, deep, blemishes. I don't know WHAT it is in here. But I just cant use it! I tried it for a week and a half straight. And it was more of a serum. NOT a moisturizer. I thought it would be a light moisturizer, but it left my skin dry and tight and extra oily!!

Clinique Moisture Surge CC cream SPF30 in the shade Light. I hate this? I thought it would be PERFECT for me, because I love their Moisture Surge Intense cream. And I thought for the winter when my skin feels dehyrated I could use this as a light foundation! NOPE. I use a pore filling primer every day. And I let that set, then I go in with foundation, then concealer, and lastly powder/setting spray. So my base products are usually budge proof. This stuff, whenever I would powder over it, it would LIFT UP, while sinking into my pores at the same time? And after I would powder and spray with setting spray, and I'd go in with my blush. When i'd go to blend out my blush this would just RUB off!! I'v never worn it for a full work day. Simply because I don't feel comfortable leaving it on long enough!

This is the MOST STUNNING eye palette ever, no? And it looks right up my red and shimmer loving alley yes? Lancome eye shadows suck. There's no other way to put this. These blend away to NOTHING, by the end of the night when I go to take off my makeup, it's just a muddy, faded mess! And this is over top of SET, and PRIMED eye lids. No matter what I do, these just don't work for me!

Maybelline's fit me foundation stick isn't super sucky. I just don't like it. It didn't break me out, but it's SUPER PINK, and it doesn't last long on my oily skin. And you get not a lot of product in here. Which Yes. I know you don't get a lot of product with stick foundations. But I'm like 3/4 through the stick and I'v used it at most 5 times?

The cream over there is Marcelles Pro Sculpt Night Creme. This is supposed to be a night cream, but when I wake up my skin feels dry and tight. but oily at the same time. It never broke me out, but it feels very silicone-y, and it just didn't DO ANYTHING. I LOVE Marcelle Skin Care, so I was really sad about this!! I love their toner, face washes, moisture creme, etc.

ELF HD Mattifying Oil Free Cream Foundation, kinda sucks. It's oily, and thick, and heavy. I put this on, and when I go to blend it. It instantly streaks up. It sinks into my pores, And the shade range sucks.

Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara. I felt so BLAH about this mascara! I was SO excited to try this as everyone hypes it up as the BEST. But it did nothing for me. I only apply it to my top lashes, and from the top lashes it'll smudge to my bottom lashline, and I NEVER have mascara smudge on me. The brush is slightly too big for my small hooded eyes, it dries out SO quickly. etc.

I ADORE Paula's Choice. I'm affiliated with the brand, I love so many of their products. But this one just DIDN'T work. I have SEVERE Keratosis Pilaris from wrist bone to my shoulder. My arms are PACKED with KP, and they're bright red, and itchy. So I bought this body lotion to help get rid of it. I applied it twice a day for 2 months. And nothing. ZERO difference in my arms. :(

PHEW That was a LOT of "negativity" but I hope this helps some of y'all!!

What was the last product that disappointed YOU?


  1. Shannon, I had KP all over my front thighs for 20 years, gross looking red-dotted chicken skin bumps, looked just like pimples, tried everything (scrubs, AHA/BHA creams, soaps), couldn't get rid of it. Then based on glowing reviews, I tried that Paula's Choice 10% AHA. At first I didn't see any results and gave up, but tried again and after 6 months, it's completely disappeared, and has been gone for at least 7 years now, so thrilled. So it might work, just need to give it time. I heard KP could be caused by plugged up follicles (kind of like a pimple), so I switched over to all cotton pants (so sweat can evaporate easier), and started taking 2 showers a day with mild soap to keep the skin as clean as possible, and I think that's helped too, as I no longer have to use the cream. Hope this might help you (Katherine T.)

    1. Thank you SO much for the tips Katherine!!! According to my mother, I was a extremely rashy baby, and as long as I can remember, from my wrist bones to the tops of my shoulders have been covered in a thick layer of bright, red, KP!! The tops of the thighs, and my calves have it as well. I'v tried everything my dermatologist and family doctor have given me/told me. But I'v never tried that Paula's Choice item, so I'll order that when I run out of my Paula's Choice Sunblock and need more!!

      Thank you so much, again!! :D