Saturday, 18 March 2017

QUO Prismatic Face Palette + Original Face Palette Reviews

Hello friends!!

Today we're talking about two AWESOME face palettes!

I own the original QUO Face palette, and then the year after that they came out with the Prismatic face palette.

I personally adore them both, and they're both great for travel. But I like the Prismatic face palette slightly more, as it has a mirror in the packaging, and I prefer the bronzer's golden tones in it as well.

Here is pictures and swatches of the Prismatic face palette: 

Blush: It's a soft warm pink It's slightly powdery, but if you tap off your brush it's perfect! It's not hard at all to blend as well!

Highlight: This is a VERY intense highlight. Like, I'm talking even i, queen of the intense highlight need to tap it off and really buff it in. But once it's all buffed into the cheeks, it's STUNNING. And as you can tell, I'v hit pan on this bad boy!

Bronzer: This is my PERFECT bronzer. It's a yellow/golden brown, with warm shimmers/sparkles in it. I wear bronzers as a warm blush shade 99% of the time. So this is perfect for me!! It blends like butter, and wears all day long.

Next, is the Original Face Palette: 

Blush: This is more peachy than the other blush. It's a matte as well. But it blends shockingly well for a matte!!! I like this shade in the spring. It's very brightening.

Highlight: This highlight is a warm golden shade! It's fairly shimmery/glittery. But not as "bad" as the prismatic face palette. It's basically all used up as you can see!!

Bronzer: This bronzer used to be my JAM, before I got the Prismatic face palette. It's very orangey/red toned. And it's powdery. But very velvety and soft!!

Price: I payed $19.99 plus tax for these two palettes!

Amount: 11G of Blush and Bronzer, and 2.9G of highlight in the Original Face Palette. 6g of blush and bronzer, and 3.4G of highlight in the Prismatic. (So the original was/is a better deal. But I prefer the packaging and shades in the prismatic!)

Pros: Soft, blendable, portable, and easy to use!

Cons: No diversity. There's only one palette out currently, so the very fair and the very deep are kinda left out!

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