Monday, 6 March 2017

BITE Beauty Licorice, Beetroot, and Mulberry review!

Hello friends!!

Today we are getting right to business. And that is talking about this AMAZING, KICK ASS, Canadian brand. BITE beauty!

I ADORE their lipsticks. And I love how popular they are, for a Canadian brand!!!

I have FOUR lipsticks from BITE. But, Shannon. You only have THREE pictured here, you might say.

WELL. Ya girl LOST her $30 BITE Jam lipstick. :( :(

But I really wanted to get this review up, so I figured when I do find Jam I'll just update this post with pictures!

From left to right we have:

Beetroot - A satiny beet coloured berry shade.
Licorice - A satiny, creamy Browned deep red shade.
Mullberry - A super shiny/creamy Purpley Berry shade.
Jam - A satiny deep purple

I fell in love with BITE's Luminous Creme lipstick formula, because it was so SO moisturizing, and creamy and soft. But I had my issues with it. It would melt in my purse/bag. And I live in CANADA?! It doesn't get very hot here! At most it was 30 Degrees. So that sucked. And It was SO creamy it would slip right off my lips.

Then BITE discontinued the Luminous creme formula, and brought out the Amuse Bouche formula!
Which is in my top three favourite lipstick formulas! It's dense, and thick feeling on the lips, which sounds ucky. But it FEELS like a nice layer of lip balm on. It DOES NOT slip around, nor does it bleed on me. It's like BITE took all of my complaints about Luminous creme and took that out in the new Amuse Bouche Formula!

Pros: Creamy, Moisturizing as HECK, Great lipstick for Canadian winters, pigmented, don't have to build it up like mad.

Cons: It melts in your pocket, and the bullet is known for breaking. Strongly scented with Lemon/Lime-aid.

Price: $30

Overal: 9.5/10!

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