Sunday, 26 March 2017

Lancome 209 Blush Sweetness Eye brightening all in one 5 pan palette GWP Review


We're going to be looking at some Lancome eye shadow swatches today!! I was given this 5 pan mini GWP palette in a swap, and I fell HARD for it! Red eye shadow? Shimmery Taupe?! I'm IN.

Our love story was short lived, unfortunately...

First off, I like the packaging. It's small, and convenient, and has a mirror so it's great for travel and on the go, in that sense.

Also, look at those STUNNING shades!! That taupe <3

My problem with this palette?

The shadows DON'T LAST! I prime my eye lids EVERY SINGLE DAY, with Too Faced Shadow Insurance, then I take my face powder or a matte cream shadow and I press that into the primer to set it into place. And that's always good enough for me to get all day wear with my Oily, Hooded eyes.

But these! Oh my goodness. By the end of the day when I go to take my makeup off, the shadows are all faded into one big brown splotch. And are patchy as HELL.

I'v tried everything, and I just can't get this to work. :(

Price: It was a GWP!

Amount: 2G

Overall: 3/10!

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