Tuesday, 14 March 2017

What's in my travel skincare bag? (Yet another post on travel!)

Hey all!!

I know, I KNOW, another (!) post about travel!?

But I wanted to share with you all what I bring with me whenever I go some place overnight, or for a trip!

This is my skin care bag, it's very thin and compact. So it fits into back packs, carry on's etc, so easily!

Here is everything that I squish into the bag!

I feel like we're friends enough here for me to mention I bring tampons with me. I have a medical condition called Polycystic ovarian syndrome. Which means I'm extremely irregular. AKA I'll go six months without menstruating. SO! I need to be prepared for anything! So long story short. I bring enough tampons for three a day for however i'll be away from home!

I have very long, curly, thick hair! So I take a small durable brush with me, and some salt spray. I try and sleep with my hair in a bun or tied back, so my curls get the least smooshed and flattened. But in the morning, I'll fluff my hair out and spray it quickly with some salt spray to revive the curls!

I poured some of my cream face wash into a Marcelle sample container to wash my face in the evenings.

I have a small 25ml tube of Avene moisturizing face mask, that I like to use as a face cream at night after washing!

I have a 1.0 Fl oz tube of Dr. Jart+ Water drop lotion that is lightly hydrating, so I prefer to use this in the morning under makeup!

In yet another Marcelle travel container, I have some of my favourite Paula's Choice Non Greasy SPF 50 Sun block!

I have my favourite, heavy duty lipbalm. As I find my lips love to dry out whenever I travel!

I usually take a travel sized deodorant when I'm only gone for a few days, if it's like a week I'll bring a full sized one (I find the mini ones like to break and snap!) I'm currently using the Dove Men + care one, and it keeps me fresh smelling!

I keep a small pot of my favourite LUSH Dry shampoo in here. As I find it's MUCH smaller and more reliable than canned dry shampoos!

I bought a mini bottle of eye makeup remover from Sephora. And I really like it! It's super gentle, and doesn't sting my eyes. But it removes all of my eye makeup and my brows!

Lastly, I always keep a pack of Face wipes. When I'm at home I normally don't use face wipes to remove my makeup, but this is so much easier when traveling, as they can work to remove makeup, sweat, dirty sticky hands, etc.

This is just from a 4 day trip, and keep in mind i'm "high maintenance" so everyone "needs" different things!

If i'll be gone longer than that, i'd take a small sample of shampoo, with some conditioner poured into a travel tube. Some moisturizing hair balm/cream, and i'd bring a small amount of my BHA poured into a travel bottle, with my acne treatment tube thrown in as well!!

What skin care do you bring with you when you travel?

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