Friday, 10 March 2017

Favourite Green Eye Shadows

Hello all!!! I hope you all know by now, how I am OBSESSED with lush, shimmery, green shadows!

I have medium, warm brown, eyes that LOVE Green shadows!

These are all of my favourite greens laid out and swatched!

From left to right we have:

Fierce Magenta cosmetics - Calista
MAC Cosmetics - Humid
Coastal Scents - Balsam
Coastal Scents - Dark Golden Olive
Coastal Scents - Forrest Eve
MAC - Sumptuous Olive
Sephora Brand - Hidden Treasure
Shiseido - GR707
Colourpop - Perilune
Colourpop - Hammered

I was planning on writing out what I love and hate about each shadow, but honestly? I'm SO picky about my greens. There's nothing that I DON'T love about these!!!

The powders are all creamy, pigmented, and last all day over primer.
The creams are soft, and blendable, and applied over primer last all day.
The one loose shadow, doesn't have a TON of fallout, and doesn't have fallout throughout the day.

I highly Recommend each of these shadows!!!

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