Friday, 31 March 2017

Anastasia Beverly Hills Foundation Stick in the shade Warm Ivory Review


As you all know, because I wont stop talking about it, I'm going on a week long trip this summer. And I'm planning my travel makeup bag already!

So I picked up the ABH Stick Foundation! I figured a stick foundation would be perfect for the trip, as it wont leak, nor will the packaging shatter. And it's quick and mess free for quick applications.

I picked up the shade Warm Ivory, which on sephora is described as "Light skin with Yellow undertones"

Which sounds like me, no? (for reference NC20 is a hair too light for my current winter skin!!)

Well, it wouldn't pick up on camera, but after I tore into the box this came in, and opened it. My excitement was crushed. WARM Ivory, in the packaging turned out to be PINK Ivory!! When swatched on my hand, (Which isn't as yellow toned as my neck, might I add!!) It's miss piggy pink. I even asked my makeup unaware brother, what tone he thought it was. And he looked at me like I was stupid and said "pink, duh"


I decided that I'll wear it for a few days, see if it breaks me out, and if it wears well. Then if I truly liked the formula i'd return and get the correct undertone.

Onto pictures!

Here is my skin with just my morning skincare on (My face is lighter than my neck/chest!!): 

-I have Acne scarring on the hollows of my cheeks, and light redness on the apples of my cheeks

Here is ONE layer of the stick foundation buffed into the skin with a foundation brush:

-You can see the sheen/natural finish of this foundation. It's 100% not a dry matte foundation!!

Here is another layer pressed into my cheeks where my acne scarring is:

-As you can see it builds up well. But only if you press it, and pat it into the skin. Not if you buff it in!! That just sheers it out.

The foundation set with a warm toned powder (that's deeper than the foundation, so the shade looks deeper/more natural here):

-You can see the sheen/shine of the foundation is gone with the pressed powder.

Here's the foundation with a finished face of makeup:

-I have all ABH Modern Renaissance palette on my eyes, MAC brow set on my brows, Physicians Formula blush and bronzer on the cheeks, and MAC Twig on the lips!


This isn't a dry, thick, cakey stick foundation. As long as I have moisturizer on (which I do every day before makeup anyway!) this smooths over face without tugging and pulling at my skin. I use my Real Techniques Expert face brush to blend this out, and it blends out with ease! I don't have to make my wrists ache to buff it out and melt into my skin. But, please remember I have oily, non wrinkled skin. If your skin is dry I can see it being slightly tug-y on the skin.

It lasts a whole work day on me, a good 9-10 hours. I do have to blot 1 to 2 times. Which is actually pretty good for me!! When I was blending my highlight on the tip of my nose with my blush brush, it rubbed off the foundation there and made it patchy, just a warning, because I know other oily-s struggle with that!

Amount: 9g / 0.32 Oz. (A usual liquid foundation holds more product just fyi!)

Price: $33

Overal: 8.5/10~!!!

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