Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Sugarpill Feline Fancy Eyeshadow Quad/Liquid Lipstick Review/Swatches

Hello friends!

Today we're talking Sugarpill! More specifically their new Feline Fancy Kit!

I ordered, and received the package in less than seven business days. And the box was very well packaged!! it was filled, and the actual box containing my Feline Fancy kit was well wrapped.

I will say, I was charged an extra $18 at the door. And I wasn't happy about that, so for that reason, I most likely wont be ordering from Sugarpill again.

But spoiler; I ADORE the Feline Fnacy Quad and Lipstick!!

I know some people may not agree, but I'm really digging the packaging! I'm loving the cat on the front.

S.W.A.K is a light to medium warm duochrome pink. It swatches pink, but when I buff it out onto my cheeks I get straight up orange (Not in a bad way though!) On my eyes, it's more vibrant a pink than swatches or in the pan. I tried to get the photo as colour accurate as I could!

Wink is a pinky beige on me. It's very shimmery and smooth! I personally adore this as a cheek, and brow highlight, or on the lids!

Text Me is a matte, light warm, brown! This is the weakest performer in the quad. I'll talk more about that below with the swatches, but it's sheer. and dry. I'v used this as a crease shade, lower lashline liner, and as a cheek bronzer!

Kiss Kiss is my favourite in the set. It's a BEAUTIFUL, warm red that GLOWS. It's a warm, orangey red base with a metallic finish that just is stunning. This is smooth, and creamy and easy to blend out!

The lipstick, Strange Love, is amazing! I'm really digging this formula! It's a deeper red, with deep red and golden shimmer. This is the most comfortable liquid matte lipstick I'v ever used!! I can't feel it on my lips with is pretty amazing! It's light, and non drying on me. And when wearing off, you're left with a light shimmery stain. Not just pure shimmer! So I really like that!

Here are swatches, The liquid lipstick is two swipes, side by side. The pink and red are one swipe each, And the highlight shade is two swipes because with just one, it blended into my pale under wrist too much. The matte brown, is FOUR swipes, and it's still sheerer than the rest of the eye shadows.

Here are 3 different days where I'v used the quad as blush/bonzer/highlight, and eye shadow. And I'm wearing the lipstick, Strange Love at my lip colour in each photo!

These were from the day I got the set. I have Text Me heavily in the crease, Wink all over the lids and inner corners, First Kiss on the lower lashlines. And Wink to highlight the cheeks!

Here, I had Wink applied to my brow bones, and my cheek bones down to my apples! I wanted to show off just how beautiful of a glow you CAN get with Wink!

Here, I have Text Me heavily in the crease, then I patted Kiss Kiss on the outer corners of my mobile lids, and S.W.A.K on my inner corners of my mobile lids, blended those two together. Added a touch of Kiss Kiss into the outer crease, and lower lashline. Then highlighted with Wink!

Here is the same look from above, but with winged liner, and from a different day. I also have Kiss Kiss on my cheeks, with Wink to highlight!

The Shadows in the Quad last all day over ELF Sheer eye lid primer, or Too Faced Shadow Insurance for me. I have no creasing or fading. They are pretty darn easy to blend out with fluffy brushes. I never once felt frustrated with blending these shadows!

Price: $48 + $12 Shipping, + $18 charges at door!

Amount of product: You get 5.4 ML of Vegan, and Cruelty Free Liquid lipstick, and you get 0.05oz x4 of shadow!

Overall: While I will not be ordering from Sugarpill again soon, that is just my personal willing to spend money, as I feel they/it kind of screw over Canadians. But I for Americans, I think this is a AMAZING duo. I love the quality, and the amount of product you get!

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