Saturday, 7 January 2017

Urban Decay Naked Smoky Pallet Review

I was given the Naked Smoky pallet for christmas, and I'v used it almost every day since!

This pallet is pretty dark which is up to you if that's good or bad (But I will say, something with the name Smoky SHOULD be darker and not all light shades in my opinion anyway!)

There's five mattes, and seven shimmers/glitters. As a hooded gal, I'm pretty dark happy with the amount of mattes! I have some crease shades, yay!

I will say, some are what I expect from Urban Decay, (Soft, smooth, foiled, buttery.) And some are SO dry, and sheer, and patchy, which was unexpected.

There's some closer up shots of the shades.

Here is all of them swatched in order they appear in the pallet. Some are one pass, and a few are two to three (!) passes.

High - A super soft, creamy, glittery pinky highlighting shade! I love this on the inner corners!
Ditrysweet - A warm/orangey bronze which was soft, and metallic. This one's one of my least favourites colour wise on me!
Radar - This was the second biggest disappointment. It's THE most beautiful warm, metallic brown in the pan. But it's super sheer and stiff. This is three passes.
Armor - A glittery silver in the pan, but shows up more blue when swatched on me. It's soft, and smooth. But has fall out from the glitter.

Slanted - A metallic silvery blue, which was dry to the touch. But applied evenly.
Dagger - A dark grey matte with blue and silvery shimmers. It applies un-evenly (Some parts of the swatch and on the lid are darker than others)
Black Market - This was THE biggest disappointment to the pallet. The freaking matte black! It was so patchy, and dry to the touch. It was also sheer. This is three passes. I personally don't MIND a medium/sheer matte black so I don't go too overboard with it and can build it up. But this was just so dry and patchy!!
Smolder - This was one of my favourites in the pallet!! It's a deepened/blackened slightly shimmery purple. It looks like a matte on my lids, as most of the shimmer falls off. But it's so beautiful on my medium brown eyes!

Password - Matte grey. It's slightly dry! Not a "Me" shade, so I don't really reach for it!
Whiskey - Matte Neutral to warm brown. It's soft and silky! Just how I like my mattes. It blends onto my hood and lids with a few circles of my 217.
Combust - I don't know how to describe the colour of this one, It's a super light browny shade on me. it's perfect as a light transition for deeper looks! It's a HAIR too deep to set my eye primer with. It's soft and smooth!
Thirteen - A matte off white highlighting shade! I love this all over (Lashline to browbone) to set my eye primer, and to highlight my brow bones! It's SO soft, that it's a touch powdery.

Overal: 7.5/10

Would I rebuy: No. Because for one, it's $66 here in Canada, and I do not think it's 100% WORTH $66. I also don't adore all of the shades. I only like 8 out of 12.

Pros: Creamy, Beautiful shades, Well rounded pallet, I could take this with me on a trip and this could be all I need for eye shadows!

Cons: Hit and miss formula, Not the usual smooth heavenly formula from urban decay, patchy, dry, sheer.

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