Sunday, 29 January 2017

My NARS blush collection!

Hey all!! Good morning!! Today we are talking about BLUSH. Specifically NARS Blush!! 
I went through a "phase" last year, where I was OBSESSED with cheek products. I was buying blushes like mad! And I guess it was a good thing, because now I know what kind of blushes I like and can rely on!

Left to right: Liberte (Matte Terracotta) Deep Throat (Shimmery coral) Sin (Berry base with Golden shimmers) 

Deep throat, is the "sheerest" and most easy to apply in my opinion!! I love it in the spring and summer as a toss on and go kind of thing! And coral always looks good with bright summer lips. I actually hit pan on this blush last summer!! it's dry to the touch, but I like that, because it doesn't pick up too much product!

This is Sin, my favourite of the thee I think!It looks almost like a bruise, but when buffed out it's the most beautiful golden berry shade on my cheeks. This one is very soft to the touch!!

Price: $38
Pros: Pigmented, soft, easy to blend!, lots of different shades in the line,
Cons: Deep throat has developed a bit of a hard layer on top, but I had owned it for 3 years.
Tips: I love using a duo-fiber blush brush with these!! It gives the most natural flush/finish for me!

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