Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Must have/Most used makeup brushes!

These are my every day face, eye, and brow brushes!!! They're from MAC, Real Techniques, Urban Decay, and some from I don't know where!

Starting off with face:

Angled natural hair blush I use for contouring
Flower Beauty Synthetic hair E01 I use for under eye concealer
Real Techniques Expert Face Brush for buffing in foundation

Natural Haired Powder brush for setting powder
MAC Duo Fiber 159 for Pigmented blushes
Unknown Natural Haired brush for highlighter 

Next we have eye brushes:

Angled synthetic brush for brow powder
Angled Spoolie for brushing through my brows
Large natural bristled eyelid brush

Medium Natural bristled eyelid brush
Urban Decay Crease brush 
Real Techniques Buffing eye lid brush

ELF Crease brush 
MAC 217 Blending brush
Angled Natural bristled eye lid brush for setting eye primer. 

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