Friday, 13 January 2017

My signature perfumes/Every day scents I wear

I'm a girl who hates change. Case in point I'v been using the same perfumes for 7 years.

I have three "Signature" perfumes that I wear!!

When I want more of a soft, and innocent scent I go for The Body Shop Moroccan Rose perfume. It's D\C but I have a full bottle left. And I'm hoping it's on ebay or amazon :P It smells like a soft rose scent. It's VERY feminine! The perfume I'v used for 7 years.

My second scent, is LUSH Lust. It's a very heavy, sexy, jasmine scent for when I'm feeling myself. I wear this perfume the most!! It's my every day scent. It's heavy on the jasmine/floral. It lasts quite well and sets so beautifully on my skin! I'v been wearing this perfume for 4/5 years.

My third perfume is Atelier Cologne Bergamote Soleil. When spritzed onto the skin, it's very bright and sunny and very lemony!! It's like sniffing a fresh, clean lemon. It's not a sweet cakey scent. After an hour it sets to a more unisex/masculine scent. I'v been wearing this for less than a year!

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