Monday, 30 January 2017

A few shots from my Portfolio!

Hey all!! Good afternoon!

As you might know, I'm a aspiring make up artist. I was supposed to start beauty college this March. But with my Tumor I just couldn't do it.

But I'v been doing a lot of work on my friends/beginner models to build up some shots for my portfolio!

These shots are of two of my best friends. But I also have worked on my 54 year old mother, and my 82 year old grandmother, (they're just super shy and don't want their photos on the blog haha!)

This look, is on my best friend of 14 years, Lara. I evened out her skin with a touch of concealer buffed out. I applied creamy concealer under her eyes. Then set everything with a touch of powder (her skin is combo/dry!) I applied a nude blush, contoured her cheek bones (She requested it. LOL) and highlighted with a bit of a champagne highlight!

For her eyes, I did a neutral matte brown in her crease and flicked it out almost into a cat eye shape. Then I buffed in a darker matte brown along her outer V/eye lid. Patted on a duo chrome Blue/Gold eye shadow onto her lids, I applied tow coats of mascara, and some sheer shimmery gloss and she was good to go!

This was a more dramatic look I did on the lovely Lara. I used warm matte browns in her crease/outer V, then applied a shimmery golden brown to her lids, two coats of mascara and her eyes were done!

For her base, since her skin is so amazing I just did under eye concealer and a touch of concealer on the apples of her cheeks for hiding redness!

Her lips were the hardest part because she kept laughing (Thats what I get for working with my best friend!) Her lips are uneven naturally. But I we didn't want to overline. So we left it with me just following the natural lines!

This is the ever lovely Deanna, She's my other best friend, and I thought with her short lil pixie cut. She needed a "edgy" look! Deanna has a lot of natural redness in her skin, and she also is COVERED in beautiful freckles. So I wanted to cover the redness, but not cover the freckles!!

I filled in her brows, following their natural shape. Set them with brow gel.

For her eyes, I took a warm matte brown, buffed that through the crease, then I patted a shimmery warm red onto her lids, and buffed that up into the crease. I also ran some of the red along her lower lashlines.

Two coats of mascara, and a tinted lip balm later we were done!

This look was from the other day! I wanted to do "Lara but more awake looking"

I love using light shimmery shades with blue eyes like Laras, So I applied a light matte brown to her crease, applied a duochrome Pink/Gold shade to her lids, I blended everything out with a deeper matte brown then applied two coats of mascara.

I filled in her brows, mostly in the front. Then set them with gel.

I applied a berry blush to her cheeks, contoured, and highlighted.

For her lips, I took a bright hot pink lipstick, and patted it on with my clean fingers to her lips to make it more muted and stain like!!

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