Monday, 30 January 2017

My favourite looks from January

Hey all!! Good afternoon!!

These are some of my favourite looks I'v done from the last month!

This was from the start of the month! I was really feeling the vampy lips!

This was around the 7th! I was really feeling the vampy lips still ahaha

This was the day before my surgery, I was feeling hopeful and springy! So I went with bright pink lips

This is the close up of the last look!

I inspired this look based around Kat Von D's Swoon shadow!

This was a "accidental giant wing" look ahaha

This was around the 23'd, and I had to run out the door quickly!

Here I was just playing around with purples and big lashes!

This is my all time favourite look to do! I love greens with warm browns!! SO yummy!

This was Friday's look. It's all colourpop pressed shadows!

This was yesterday's look, I budded colourpop Bae all over the lids up to my crease!

And these are today's look!! I'm very digging it!!

That's all of the photo's I have from my looks from January! What did you wear the most this month?

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