Monday, 23 January 2017

Too Faced X Kat Von D Better Together Eyeshadow Pallet Review

Good morning!

I was gifted the eye shadow pallet from the Too FacedxKat Von D collection, and I wanted to get some pictures and swatches up while the pallet is still available!

This is what the pallet looks like from the outside, In my opinion, it's cute! It's made of hard cardboard. That doesn't feel flimsy, but doesn't feel super durable.

Yes, the two halves of the heart DO split apart!

Here is the Too Faced side. This side is all neutrals, and shades I really do like and would use every day!!

From top to bottom we have:

BFF - Matte cream colour. It's very soft and smooth!
Lovely - Matte light pink. It's very sheer, and takes LAYERS to show up on my eyes.
Friendspiration - Metallic Orangey golden shade. Very soft and creamy to the touch!!
Heart of Gold - Light metallic green, very smooth. I patted my eyelid brush to this pan, and had enough pigment to go my while mobile lid without dipping back into the pan!
Power Couple - Matte brown with lots of golden sparkles. This is a DUD. This shadow feels SO HARD. I couldn't pick up anything on my finger, and have to build it up quite a bit in the crease!
Better Together - Satiny/shimmery charcoal with pinky shimmers.

Here is the Kat Von D side! This is personally, my favourite half!! This has *the best* red eye shadow I'v EVER used in it!!

Top to bottom we have:

Yours - This is a dark Grey matte on me. I don't like this colour personally, but it preforms well!!
Devotion - Matte Black. Not the MOST pigmented black in my stash, but not the least pigmented. It's soft and blendable!
Darling - This is a Taupey/Silvery shade. It's super dense and soft. It's almost TOO soft. It kinda crumbles up. But it blends out really well on the lid!
Swoon - This is the love of my life, It's a metallic RED. It's SO soft, I barely have to touch my brush to the pan to get pigment. It glows!
Por Vida - The most intense matte white i'v ever used!! It's so SMOOTH!!
Lovestruck - This is a very sheer shade, but It's so beautiful to me. It's a creamsicle orange shade in the pan, but it's literally pressed fairy dust. It's a opalescent, orangey/pinky shade. Very soft!!

This set also comes with a full sized Kat Von D Tattoo liner, and Too Faced Better than Sex mascara!

I am in LOVE with the liner! It's so easy to get a thin line with this, which is ESSENTIAL for people with hooded eyes like myself!! It's NOT waterproof. My outer corners were watering, and this completely disappeared there. But it doesn't transfer or smudge!!

Price: $79
Cons: 2 duds FOR SURE, pricey, Not easy to store/travel with, eye liner isn't waterproof,
Pros: Soft/Smooth textures of the shadows, No fall out, Pigment for days, the red shadow didn't stain my lids.
Overal: 9.5/10. 


  1. I swatched Swoon in store, thought you would like it! It's well named :) (Katherine T.)

  2. Thank you Katherine! I'm so glad you got to swatch it in store, I'm so happy with Swoon! It's totally like you said, it's very well named LOL.