Saturday, 21 January 2017

Canadian Winter Essentials

Hey all!!

As you all know, I live in Southern Ontario. And it's cold. It's currently -13C without windchill!

So, your girl needs some hydration!!

These are my favourite WINTER Lip balms!! I have different ones for the summer. But I'v found, for the winter I adore squeezy tube balms. I just prefer their staying power, and hydration more!

Top is L\Occitane 100% Shea butter. This is a tin balm, that is just solid shea butter. I use a lip brush and I'll spread a thick layer over my lips, I like this one for in the day in the winter!

Bottom left is Jack Black Lip balm (this one is mint flavoured. My favourite is Lemon but it's not available here anymore :( ) It's AMAZING at sealing in moisture. I don't think it would heal cracked lips. Its more of a maintaining balm. But I love to layer the shea butter onto my lips, then apply the jack black balm on top!

Right is Liplicious HydraGlass Shea Butter gloss. This is a lip gloss, but it is my HOLY GRAIL lip balm. If my lips are cracked, and split and bleeding. I reach for this!! It heals them over night. It's so smoothing and soft. And it smells kinda like a cream soda!

For hands, I like

L'Occitane Dry Skin Hand cream! It smells like baby powder and it sinks right into the skin and instantly softens and heals!

For cracked hands, I go to O'Keeffe's working hands! It seals in moisture and isn't greasy!

For night time skin care, I reach for thick creams and oils!

I like the Equate Skin treatment oil. It's a cheaper dupe for Bio Oil! If I use it every day I notice a difference in my skin tone!

I have a sample jar of Clinique Moisture surge intense. This is a nice thick, almost balmy cream. I love to pat it into my cheeks, and feel them soak it up!! It is slightly tacky on the skin. So I prefer to apply it at night/under a facial oil

A new contender is the Physicians formula argan oil! I love it for my hair and my cheeks!

For extra moisture, I go to hydrating masks!!

I really like the Avene hydrating mask. It sinks in instantly, and my skin feels so plump and smooth the next day!

My second choice, is AVON stimulating Hydrating mask! I love the rose one, and the peppermint one!!

For my body, the ONLY cream that keeps my dry, itchy, skin smooth and soft is Soap and Glory's Daily Smooth Body butter!! I can feel the smooth soft skin the next day after applying this!!

For hair, I love this leave in conditioner. It's a semi opaque white liquid. And I spray a few pumps into my palm then spread it through my hair focusing on my ends, and it keeps my hair so smooth and my curls are happy!!

For my crusty feet, I love applying LUSH Lemony Flutter balm, then putting on nice thick fuzzy socks!! This keeps my feet super soft!

Lastly, For hair, I love the Got2b Oilicious shampoo!! It's the only foaming shampoo I'v found that doesn't make my hair feel SQUEAKY clean. This makes my hair feel soft and smooth and fluffy!! I'm on my fourth bottle (Considering I only wash my hair twice/once a week that's a lot!!)

For body wash, I use Dove Deep Moisture Body wash. I apply it to a poof and smooth over my arms, legs, and chest. And then I'll rinse off and pat dry. And I can ALMOST get away with not using lotion!! It's SO softening and nourishing!

That's my "must have canadian winter survival products"

What are yours?

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