Thursday, 5 January 2017

What's in my "Emergency" makeup kit?

I have two bags, I have a tiny little purse I take with me when I go into the city, or for long days.

And I have my work/class bag where I keep everything I need for public speaking gigs I will receive through out the year, or for class.

And I keep a little travel pouch in my big bag for those super rare times I over sleep and have to do my makeup in the car on my way to the destination!!

This is the pouch I keep everything in! It's just a white zippered sephora pouch!

This is everything I keep in the pouch!

We have:

A small angled brush for powder application.
Tarte Smooth operator face primer sample
Benefit Stay don't stray sample - Light/Med
Essence Make me brow - Brownie Brows
Clinique eye serum sample
Clinique BB cream sample - Light

Essence Match 2 cover duo concealer - Only (!) Shade
Rimmel Clear Complexion Powder - Translucent
Colourpop cream highlighter - Lunch Money
Colourpop Cream shadow - Nillionaire
Clinique High impact mascara sample
BUXOM Full On lip creme - Rose Julep
Almay Liquid lip balm - Just Plum

ELF Cream shadow stick - Turkish Coffee
Hard Candy Cream Shadow - What Sandy Says Goes
Sephora Compact Mirror

That's everything I keep in my emergency makeup pouch! I like to keep everything to a creamy finish when I have to do my makeup like this, But I HAVE to powder my nose/forehead/cheeks/chin. I have oily skin! That's my life ahaha.

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