Saturday, 1 April 2017

Maybeline Colorsensational Lipsticks Review (Including Creamy Matte, and Vivids lines!)

It feels like it's been a HOT MINUTE since I'v talked about my true love on the blog. Lipstick! :P

I own six of the Maybelline Colorsensational Lipsticks, Including one Creamy matte formula, and one of the Vivids formula!

I really adore these lipsticks, to be blunt. They are creamy, soft, not drying (but not hydrating), and don't make my lips feel gross and filmy!

I'm in the minority, and actually ADORE the scent of these!! I love to open them and take a wiff sometimes. but I know lots of sensitive skinned/nosed people do NOT enjoy the scent!! It's a playdough-y vanilla scent, In my opinion.

I couldn't find my sixth tube, But it's a warm brown shade. Something Coffee is the name!

From Left to Right we have: Bit of Berry, Blissful Berry, Ruby Star, Touch Of Spice, and Vivid Rose.

Again, from left to right, we have:

Bit Of Berry: This was the first Colorsensational Lipstick I got, and it's down to a tiny lil nub in the tube! It's a opaque berry pink. It's super creamy, and lasts about 2 hours.

Blissful Berry: This is a STUNNING Slightly sheer light berry! It's creamy, but doesn't slip everywhere, it's perfect for brightening up my face on light makeup days!!

Ruby Star: Ruby Star is my favourite around the holidays! It's a slightly shimmery, no where NEAR a frost btw. Just a soft pearly red. It's just as creamy and consistent as the others. It lasts a good four hours on me!

Touch Of Spice: This is exactly what the name is. A Creamy Matte. It's very silicone-y when you apply it, it just smooths on, and is opaque in one swipe. It's a beautiful Rosey Brown neutral shade on me!

Vivid Rose: This is a creamy HOT pink! It's soft, and easy to apply. And lasts about four hours on me. And leaves a pretty hot pink stain.

Price: $9

Pros: Creamy, Non Drying, Some stain, lasts pretty well through a meal!!, Doesn't feel cakey when you reapply.

Cons: STRONG scent that is off putting for most!!, Not hydrating.

Overall: 9/10

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