Wednesday, 26 April 2017

A realistic skincare review - Marcelle Moisture Cream, and New Age Day Cream Reviews

Hello all!! How are you today?

I'v been wanting to do some skincare reviews for a while now. With my finicky skin type, i'v for sure found some amazing and horrid products.

But, I have had a few things holding me back.

1. I'm not as smart as the ever lovely, Anne from Linda, Libra, Loca. (I hope the link works!). I do not have any knowledge of the science behind skincare/cosmetics. I am just a humble young adult with much to learn.

2. I don't want to RAVE about something that helped my personal skin, and it break you out, or give you an adverse reaction.

So please, PLEASE take what I'm saying with a grain of salt!

My skin type: I have dehydrated, acne prone, oily skin. (That's what my dermatologist told me and I agree with them!)

My skin concerns: Oily-ness, cystic acne, dehydration, post acne scarring. I want to start preventative methods.

My background: I am a biracial women who doesn't burn from the sun easily. I'v only ever been sunburnt 5 times in my 20 years of life. Despite this I wear SPF40-50 every single day. I experience/used to have severe cystic acne. I am on prescription acne medication thus my skin is dehydrated. I use a BHA every night.

Now that that's out of the way! Lets get into the review!

Left is Marcelle New Age Day Cream. - This is their preventative/20's to 30's cream.

Right is Marcelle Moisture Cream. - This is just a moisturizing cream for anyone.

I have finished the New Age cream. And I have about two nights left of the Moisture Cream. So I feel comfortable telling y'all my thoughts, having finished or almost finished these!

Marcelle New Age Day Cream: 

This is a thicker white cream. It's very much so a cream. I used this in the morning this past winter, under my SPF and makeup. I will not and can not talk about anti-aging aspects. Because I am 20 years old. I am, but a baby when it comes to anti-aging. Despite that, I feel like this was a great cream!

Every morning after cleansing, I'd massage a dollop of this onto each cheek, my chin, forehead, and nose. It sunk in, but not in a alcohol-y way. My skin was left balanced, soft, and silky to the touch. It didn't feel oily, or thick on my face. But it kept my dehydrated skin feeling again, balanced. At the end of the night when I would remove my makeup, my face didn't feel tight.

Overall, I would totally recommend this to a friend. In fact I have! I got my 54 year old Mother using her own jar of this in the morning as well!

It has a faint scent, that didn't bother me.

Marcelle Moisture Cream:

This is a white cream. It's thinner in consistency than the New Age Cream.

The claims on this, is to just deeply moisturize the skin. There is no anti-aging aspects to this, at least according to the jar, and the box it came in.

I found this cream to not work with my skin. It wasn't moisturizing enough for a night cream. But it felt too oily for a day cream/under makeup cream. It also left my skin feeling stiff and tight if I used this as a day cream.

I found it ironic that this is a Canadian made product, and it smells of maple syrup.

Overall, I would recommend this for maybe a young teen who doesn't wear makeup, and has normal skin. As I need way more hydration than this with my aggressive acne treatment.

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