Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Covergirl Full Lash Bloom Mascara Review

Hey all!! Today we're going to try and do a mascara review!! I'v never really done this before. So please be patient with me LOL.

My natural lashes are: Short, medium/dark brown, and point/curl up naturally!

(excuse the brows. I'm lazy!)

I had a brain fart, and I did a smokey look while testing this mascara for the second time, So it will be harder to see my lashes in the second look!! I apologize!

This first look, I did three coats of the Lash Bloom Mascara, and I got a lot of separation, and length. I did poke my upper waterline/eye with the rubber brush a few times. And that HURT.

This is Lash Bloom really put to the test. I applied 5 (!) coats of mascara here, Because I wanted extreme lashes, and was too lazy to get up and get my lash glue.

It didn't severely clump, and I was able to smooth the brush through my lashes even when the mascara had dried.

I can NOT comment on if the mascara holds a curl. Because I have naturally curly lashes. So I am sorry about that!!

But I think this mascara is great for natural, "no makeup, makeup" lashes. It's a smidge too natural for my taste. But it does build up quite well!!

The brush is a thin, rubbery brush with a lot of combs, and a spiky bit at the tip to catch any corner lashes!

Overall: 6.5/10!

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