Friday, 28 April 2017

Facing irrational fears - Clinique Chubby Stick Intense (Heftiest Hibiscus) Review/FOTD

Goooood morning! 

Today we're going to talk about irrational fears, and lipstick. So the usual haha!

I have worn Brown,Red,Purple,Pink,Nude, Hell, even Navy Blue lipstick before. But I am TERRIFIED of Orange lipstick. 

I was told as a young preteen by a women working the counter at my local Shoppers, that my skin is too warm/red for orange lipstick. And as you all know I assume, these things stick with you. 

I'v since realized, that with my beautiful warm skintone. I look pretty darn great with orange/coral lipstick, so this is a challenge to myself! 

I have a full sized tube of Heftiest Hibiscus! The packaging is lovely in my opinion. It's 100% purse friendly. I'v never had the cap pop off in mine.

Here is a swatch of the lipstick. It's a very strongly orange leaning coral. I say coral because there is a TOUCH of pink in there.

It's creamy, soft, and smooth. It applies to the lips with ease. It's not so soft It will break as you're applying, nor will it slip right off your lips. It has a sheen/creamy finish to it.

Mine was in my pocket for a long day. And it got too warm and broke off the base. So now I just have to be very careful when applying. I say this as a warning to others!

Here I am wearing Heftiest Hibiscus. I have one medium layer on in these photos. I adore to pair this with a warm blush, or shimmery bronzer/blush. I think that just looks so warm and summery. 

Overall: If you like a warm, orange lipstick I'd highly recommend this chubby stick! It's easy to use on the go, it's not drying. and lasts! 

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