Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Calista FOTD - (Sparkly Olive Green Eyes, and Nude Lips!)

Hello friends!!! Good morning!!!

Today I'm showing you all one of my favourite looks ever. Warm browns, and Green/olive's!

This is the overall look! Bronzed and Highlighted skin, Nude lips, and of course the green eyes!

For the eyes, I started with primed and set lids. I then used a light warm brown transition shade (Colourpop Bel Air) in the crease and up onto the hood. After setting down my transition shade I went in with a very orangey/warm brown (Too Faced Peanut Butter) in the crease. For the outer corners I blended some orange shadow (Too Faced Nuts About U). Since I was working with a loose pigment for the lids, I put the smallest dab of Tarte Shape Tape on the back of my hand, then took a synthetic small brush and patted that onto my mobile lids, and while the concealer was still damp/setting I pressed a shimmering olive green into my lids (Fierce Magenta Calista) I then took a fluffy brush and buffed everything out for a smoother gradient. Lastly for shadow I took a deep dark brown (ABH Cyprus Umber) and did tiny lil circles of that on the outer corners!

I then did mascara on upper and lower lashes, and applied my falsies!

For lips, I wanted a nice neutral shade. Something creamy and moisturizing. So I went with FRESH Sugar lip balm in Nude! It's pretty darn streaky and clumpy on me. So after I apply it, I blend and massage it into my lips with my pinkie finger!

That's the look!! What do you think?

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