Sunday, 16 April 2017

Too Faced Peanut Butter and Jelly Palette Review + Three EOTD's

Hello Friends!! 

Today i'm going to be showing you all my thoughts on my long awaited PBJ Palette from Too Faced! 

This is a Ulta Exclusive palette. And we do NOT have Ulta here in Canada, so I had given up hope of ever getting this beauty of a palette. 

But with my recent trip to the States, I knew right away. I HAD to go to Ulta and see this palette!! 

And here we are! 

This palette is $36 American. 

And has 3 matte shades, 1 matte shade with roaming sparkles, 3 metallic shades, and 2 shades that have bigger particles of sparkle than the metallic ones! 

It has a very strong cocoa powder scent to it. And as I'v learned about from Temptalia reader, Nancy T, to make the scent, it has a ingredient in it that some people are allergic to! I'v used this palette with zero problems at all. But I wanted to point this out, in case you try it out and you are allergic to it!!

The packaging is a small metal tin, with this cute design on the front. The hinges that open and close the palette feel very loose to me!

I took two pictures of the shadows. One cooler and one warmer. I'd say the bottom one is moe closer to colour accurate!! As you can see, the palette is VERY warm toned overall!

Left swatch is with a finger, right swatch was done with a brush!
From left to right we have:

Extra Creamy - A matte cream shade. Non chalky! I use this to set my eye primer, and to help blend the top of my crease shades if i'v taken it up too high!
Bananas - A metallic yellow golden shade. This makes a beautiful lid shade, as well as a cheek highlight.
Spread the Love - A light peachy shade, with a matte base and a floating sparkle through it. I like to use this as a light transition shade.

Same as above, left was done with a finger, and right was done with a brush.

Peanut Butter - A matte orangey brown. A beautiful crease shade!
Peanut Butter Cup - I think this is my favourite shade in the palette! It's a shimmery golden brown, with larger golden sparkles. I love this blended on the lids!
Peanut Brittle - An orangey metallic copper shade! I like this as a pop under the lower lashline!

Same as before!

Jammin' - A deepened purple, with larger silvery sparkles. This is a very versatile shade! 
Jelly - A bright, glowing, metallic purple. Slightly sheer, but builds up nicely. 
Nuts about U - A matte orange shade. Lovely in the outer crease!

That's swatches of the shades! I wanted to show off some of the looks i'v made with this Palette as well!

Look #1: 

I started off with TFSI from lashline to brow bone, then set that with matte cream Extra Creamy. I then used Spread the Love as a light peachy transition. Next I went in with Peanut Butter and ran that through my crease and up onto my hood. To deepen the crease, I took a small amount of Nuts About U and patted that along the outer corners of my eyes. I patted Peanut Butter Cup onto my mobile lids, then buffed everything out. I took a stiff pencil brush and ran Jelly along my lower lashline. Lastly I added a touch of Bananas to my inner corners! 

Look #2: 

Same as above, I set my eye primer with Extra Creamy, Used Spread the Love as a transition, Then Peanut Butter and Nuts About U in the crease. I then took a lid brush and patted Jammin' onto my mobile lids and buffed it up to the crease. It loses some intensity after blending so I kept going back and forth with adding more and blending. After I was happy with the blend, I patted Extra Creamy to the brow bones, and used Jammin' on the lower lashline!

Look #3: 

Same as above, I set the primer, transitioned, and creased with the same shades. I then took a small flat brush and packed Nuts About U on the outer corners, and inner corners, and lightly blended in the middle. Halo eyes are very back and forth, adding more colour, then blending out. So I did that for a bit. Building up the inner and outer corners and blending. When I was happy I took a clean finger, and patted Bananas on the empty place on my mobile lids! I took my buffing brush and blended the sides of the center. Added Peanut Brittle along my lower lashline, and this last look is done!

Price: 36$ USD

Overall: 10/10

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