Sunday, 9 April 2017

My all time favourite, Holy Grail lipstick Review

Hey all!! I'm so shocked I haven't made this post yet. But here we are!

I want to share with y'all my holy grail "I only need this lipstick", lipstick.

I want you all to meet, LUSH's Santa Baby Lip tint!

LUSH's Santa Baby and I have been together for one year this past christmas, And we couldn't be happier!!

I feel bad that I'm just getting to this post now. Because It's a christmas exclusive, so I bought a backup this christmas! But if you fall in love with this beauty, don't fret! it'll be back. And you could always find it online!


Santa Baby is a described as a "red lip tint" and boy do I disagree!!

This is a satin finish, thick, opaque, orange lipstick with a touch of red (on me at least)

The consistency is slightly chunky in the tube and when apply it. But when you smooth it over your lips it blends it and it just melts into the lips.

The reason why I love this lipstick so much? it INSTANTLY Stains my lips. I applied the swatches to my arm, snapped a few photos, and right away wiped it off, and there was/is a bright stain. If I wear this for a full day, I'll have orangey stained lips the next day!!

I HATE reapplying lipstick. I feel embarrassed reapplying in public. So I need long lasting lipsticks. And this is IT. It wears at a heafty 8/9 hours on me.

This isn't drying in my opinion, but please remember my lips aren't super dry. I put lip balm on almost every night, and most mornings while I do my makeup. And my lips are in great shape. So if you have drier lips, take this with a grain of salt!

Price: $9

Pros: Non drying, creamy, opaque, perfect for long days, great staying power, brightens up my warm face.

Cons: every time I wear this it gets on my teeth and stains them slightly, Might be drying for some, hard to remove the stain.

Overall: 10/10!!!!

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