Wednesday, 5 April 2017

NYC Expert Last Lip Colour Review

Today's another lipstick review, so buckle in, friends!!

We're talking about New York Color's Expert last lip colour, lipsticks!

I own three of them. But am only showing you two of them today, as the third one I might be selling/swapping!

I own the shades, Velvety Fuchsia (Top swatch) and Air Kiss (bottom swatch). Both are creamy, slightly thick feeling, bright pinks! Air Kiss is more warm, on my skin. And Velvety Fuchsia is more blue/cool!

These lipsticks are pretty darn good for the price, But they do come with faults!

The packing SUCKS. The bullet doesn't go all the way down into the tube. So I'm always nicking it. And the cap will fall off if you blow on it! So they are NOT purse, or pocket friendly! They also have a fairly strong synthetic fruit almost cherry, scent to them.

But I continue to wear them in the summer because they're just so pretty! They stain my lips, and they really do last! I just wish the packaging was different.

Price: $2.99 (or 2 for $5)

Pros: Creamy, long lasting, non drying.

Cons: Packaging sucks, super strong scent, a lot of the shades look the same.

Overal: 6/10. 

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